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Why is my normal behaviour treated as mental illness? TW

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Why is my normal behaviour treated as mental illness? TW

Postby user1357911 » Wed Feb 09, 2022 2:19 am

Trigger Warning: anger at situation.

Also not looking for sympathy, just comments if anyone wants to.

Normal behaviour - If I am able to be straightforward, speak my mind and stand up for my rights I end up being prevented and treated as if it is mental illness. There is no avenue for expression or playing through any personal issue through accurate social interaction. Also Bluntness and disagreement is necessary sometimes.

Instead I am expected to be "nice" i.e. act insipid, docious and a pushover (this is how normal is seen.) Its completely unnatural.

I've had mental health workers telling me I "seem nice" as if a way to "get me to acquiesce to being nice" on two or three occasions. (Not to try to get me to change problematic behaviour but almost as if insisting "but you seem so nice". If people can't cope with me as I am/let me be myself why are they working with people?

On another occasion a doctor thought I was autistic because I behaved in a straightforward manner.

On one occasion a mental health worker was very rude to me and when I argued back, instead of apologizing the person joined in the "tiff". The situation ended in me being expected to "behave my way out of a section" - by acting more "middle class and acquiescent to particular types of interpersonal contact.

The psychiatrists seem insane. They decide who is sick and who is well, including informal patients and there is some crazy Victorian clause that has been added into the mental health section for "Nearest Relative" which is great if your nearest relatives want to rescue you, but not so great if they want you put in.

It also used to be the way that no one had to be in hospital if they did not agree to be (care in the community) provided the person was not deemed a risk. (But now the doctors seem to use section as a 'treatment tool', insisting the person will be found a risk if they want to leave but the medical professional does not want them to.

Back to the point, if a person is blunt and straightforward that is how they are, why is there currently so little tolerance?

But actually now that I think of it most normal people are fine with me, its mainly only mental health professionals.
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Re: Why is my normal behaviour treated as mental illness? TW

Postby desperateen » Tue Feb 22, 2022 4:48 am

I'm autistic and we are really known to be super direct, blunt, and no-nonsense. We typically "see through the BS" and don't care about "what society thinks we should do." We care more about doing the right thing, what we believe is right, even if it's not "normal" or goes against what society believes. (For example, it makes no sense to tell a man that he can't wear a dress, but plenty of society will punish a man for acting a certain way, even if it's hurting anybody. Many autistic people don't understand that kind of sexism.)

I don't think the doctor meant any disrespect by it. Autism is a neurodivergence but it doesn't mean anything is wrong with you necessarily, I mean there are some things that are difficult (like tolerating other people's stupidity... lol) but yeah.

What we think is just honest truth (and it is!) can be seen as rude and insensitive by neurotypical people. For example, if someone asks, "does this dress look good on me?" I would be tempted to say the absolute truth, even if the answer is no, because I don't want the person to go out looking terrible. But a nuerotypical person might lie just to make the other person feel good. That kind of thing.

I have gotten much more sensitive about that though, trying to recognize when people need a little more gentleness. So I might say, "actually, this other dress looks way better on you!" So I'm not necessarily lying (hard to do) while actually lifting the other person up at the same time :)

Anyway if you don't relate to any of these points, then you probably aren't autistic, but I think many more people are autistic than they think (because media makes it seem like autistic people all have very severe symptoms, when that's just not true.)
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Re: Why is my normal behaviour treated as mental illness? TW

Postby heracles » Fri Mar 11, 2022 7:03 pm

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Re: Why is my normal behaviour treated as mental illness? TW

Postby OMNICELL » Sat Mar 12, 2022 4:46 am

When I think of mental illness or the opposite of mental illness; functioning; I see money or lack of money and I see Caste system. I see a society of clowns...
I see a simulacra; The mental health world is acting much like superior upper middle class used to treat the lower class; as if the lower class was created for the upper class to pretend rescue games upon them. Its about that feeling of power those in authority want to feel. They are evil are they not; using those poor people in Caste rolls.
You have the success coach and the client.
You have the football player and you the team coach. The coach is the superior and the football kid on the team as the inferior...
You have abuser and you have trauma bond-at-ion. The inferior learns how to interact with those in control or power; the inferior plays the inferior roll and makes it through the system.
When the show goes on; the actors dont want to be pressed out of character; They want to stay a fictitious character on stage; They want to feel as if they are Gods; with the ability to believe its real. Why would they want to have there fantasy smashed by someone talking directly at them. ITs all about them; not the mentally ill person.
Rules exist to allow these actors to continue to play act there roles. My Job as mentally ill is to take a subordinate roll and always help them; the fake actor in position of authority; I am to help them achieve this fantasy; for this; they give me meds and a nut house to stay at.
Theres a simple answer in all this; a consistent theme I guess...
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Re: Why is my normal behaviour treated as mental illness? TW

Postby 2ost » Sat Mar 12, 2022 7:39 pm

Maybe there's a difference between acting "normal" (e. g. as socially expected) and acting natural (as may seem to be the right thing to you, at that moment), @user1357911.
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Re: Why is my normal behaviour treated as mental illness? TW

Postby highdimensionman » Tue May 24, 2022 12:34 am

The law has change from nearest relative to a responsible adult chosen by you. So if you do feel like responsible adult is not representing you fairly this can now be changed. I'm surprised you were not informed of this. Yes it was in my view a very unfair clause as very inappropriate matches were legally enforced including nearest relatives who had potentially abused such people or who were just not right for that role.
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