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People Are Not Responding Like They Can't Everywhere I Go!

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People Are Not Responding Like They Can't Everywhere I Go!

Postby JusticeXI » Sat Jul 24, 2021 6:08 am

I don't know know what's going on but people are acting out of character, they don't respond or speak, or return my text. It doesn't matter if I'm in person or over the phone. I went into my bank 30 minutes before closing just to ask a few questions. I was not greeted he just looked at me. I stopped made eye contact and stood there and looked he didn't talk, like I a mind reader...Well I am. but he didn't know that. I've been in a heighten state for at least three days with high pitch vibrations. I'm super sensitive to everything around me. I'm actually scared because they seem to not know what they are doing. Lady on the phone today kept on asking me the same question every other question. After 5 times I stop her. She had no idea we had to end the call. My own daughter promised she would get right back to me around 9:00 AM. At 5:30PM I'm worried because her sister did the same thing and that's who was supposed to find out why. She didn't even return a hart felt text. Around 7:00 I finally make the call and she has nothing to say nothing to say at all. She actually say what do you want me to say. Did you text you sister 6 hours ago. Yes why not tell me? She said you wanted to know? Holly $#%^ this not real. I'm having the same issue with an e-mail like there not getting it. Its not random anymore, its every time. Electronics are breaking or stop working when I touch them. I was told last week that my cancer is coming back with very low chance for survival. Also I know something might happen just before it actually dose. I love that, every time. makes me smile. Then my brother didn't answer 3 messages I sent that could of stopped a horrible from happening. Why would he ignore a Warning sign not 1 not 2 but 3. The same reaction nothing like one word. I ask him isn't this weird, I cant here you. once again it did it again. I came running to this Forum. I need SPIRITUAL INSIGHT. Intuitive Empath now also Scchiziod. Am I dying and that's why? What else can it be.....
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