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Denial and accepting/facing harsh truths

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Denial and accepting/facing harsh truths

Postby eyespythecia » Thu Apr 29, 2021 4:00 pm

What's name for condition where people refuse (either unable or unwilling) to accept the truth/facts, when it is something they don't like or want to be true. And instead just ignore it or lookaway (as if it will somehow change the truth/FACT, when it won't.)

For example: hypothetically speaking, let's say that we find out for a FACT (that we can prove using science) that if you live a happy life, you go to Hell. And the only way to go to Heaven is by living a miserable/suffering life.

Or using another example: let's say we find out for a scientific FACT that an afterlife (Heaven/Hell) does NOT exist. And we can prove this using science.

So using these as hypothetic examples, people would just ignore/lookaway from this fact whenever it is presented to them. And act like it doesn't exist/isnt true (as if acting like it doesn't exist/isnt true will somehow change the facts/truth).
What is the name for this psychological phenomenon? (Cognitive dissonance?)

I know the adjective for this is "ignorant". But I'm looking for the psychological phenomenon behind it.

And how do you deal with this? Where the person is just blatantly ignorant. Or are these people simply impossible and nothing will be able to fix this from their denial of the truth/fact?
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Re: Denial and accepting/facing harsh truths

Postby Snaga » Thu Apr 29, 2021 5:41 pm

It sounds as if there would be some cognitive dissonance in it, though I'm not sure that's the actual term for it.

I know intellectually, that not going to the doctor, is bad for me in the long run, and that the act of going to the doctor, doesn't magically create a feared disease.

On the other hand, my psyche is pretty damn convinced that's how it works- if I go, then they find it then I die.

In that case, it's not ignorance, but it is sticking my head in the sand. I cling to my semi-delusion that going to the doctor will rain hell down upon me- if I don't know something's wrong with me.... then it can't kill me...
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Re: Denial and accepting/facing harsh truths

Postby MindfulThoughts » Thu Apr 29, 2021 7:02 pm

It's called cognitive dissonance. There is often an underlying mental illness when it occurs regularly.
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Re: Denial and accepting/facing harsh truths

Postby CammieMe » Mon May 03, 2021 4:13 am

These are some dangerous stuff. I would personally get help immediately.
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