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Looking for Advice: Crawling out of Homelessness

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Looking for Advice: Crawling out of Homelessness

Postby TheGuyWithDID » Thu Nov 12, 2020 11:06 pm

Hey all. Long time member. Long time non poster lol.

To spare about three hours to details, I have found myself in a pretty crap position. In August 2019 I went into psychoses and despite a "support" group of 6 family members, an 80+ year old psychiatrist, and a soon to be ex wife, I bugged out to the middle of woods with no food, water, or shelter in May 2020. I lived on top of a mountain until August. I have some cool pictures though.

I left a very high paying job and was paying child support at the time (my wife is an accountant and made as much as me, she and the kids are fine). The house sold but I lost all my belongings and all my bills went into collections. It took three months to get on medication because HHS here is @!@@@!. I still don't have food stamps.

The only thing I have is a car. I have no job. No income and have been waiting in the Determination Stage of my SSDI claim. It's been 6 months.... No phone. I'll be homeless again in 18 days but instead of the woods it will be on the streets. I have a case manager will will try to help with that.

My question(s):

1. How did you craw out of homelessness if you once were. Any advice?
2. I need an RV or camper and a truck. How is this obtainable with my now glorious 360 credit score?
3. You ever been sued the AG for back child support while unable to work? What happens?

Mods sorry if this is the wrong board. Msg me or move me.

Thanks all.
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