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Family Caregiver tired dealing with "US"

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Family Caregiver tired dealing with "US"

Postby ttt123 » Mon Sep 07, 2020 1:07 am

she is the only one in our family without a mental illness. Lately, seems tired of all of us. Which is understandable.
She got mad at me for a lot of things, that are part of my mental disorder, and medications don't "cure", she was mad I lowered my meds, and my house was disorganized and messy, I'm broke all the time, wants me to get a part time job in retail that I have a long history of quoting/getting fired, cause they are usually toxic work environments that cause me to go crazy. Wants me to keep my house really tidy and compared me to a relative who is super organized and clean. I drink a ton of liquids a day, mostly water, and she is mad about that too, saying I need to drink less. I told her the medications I'm on make me excessively thirsty, but she won't accept that answer.

So basically, she has just had it with me.

She bought me a house to rent from her, when she got it she said it was going to be my house, but now calls it "her house" and bitches I don't take care of it, and it will prevent them from being able to sell it.
I feel like I'm in another temporary living situation, I have been my whole life, I thought I would have stability here, but don't really. Worry now she will kick me out at some point, and she kept saying that "I don't take care of mental health", that will be her reasoning to kick me out. Wants medications to fix me and make normal. I will never be completely normal like she wants. This is triggering my PTSD of nightly recurring nightmares about living in bad homes.

I thought of talking to her about it, but it's pointless, she is just tired of "us" and doesn't want to deal anymore. So there is nothing I can say.
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Re: Family Caregiver tired dealing with "US"

Postby NewLife2017 » Wed Sep 09, 2020 4:38 am

It sounds like it would do you all some good to seek counseling and have a person who is not emotionally or otherwise invested in your family assist in working through some of the issues.
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