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Stopping Work

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Stopping Work

Postby bellic007 » Wed Jan 22, 2020 7:29 am

I am resignating from my current job because i feel So Down.I am anxious thta my entire life will be wasted like this.Also one of main problen i quit was ,The place was new and i was unable to find any psychotherapist there.There was a Language barrier for me which kept me,back in my house from finding a therapist.I lagged my therapy and i was actually getting big anger outbreakd from time to time and i even started to destroy things at my home and was so frustrayed and i hated everyone i see in my workplace.feeling like all of them are $#%^.I was actually unable to handle that.i also got a thought that my Team leaders are controlling me.Like they brainwashes their Inferiors.and i was a person who has a mental fisorder of dissociation and i get easily hypnotizable.i started to do things i dont like.and when that becomes a repeated process i started to get revelation that i need to stop.that i wanted a life free from Slavery anf all.
The relaxation time that is provided by the company was also very less.i was not able to sit and rlax and have an outing or something.i was so sad that companies like this always destroys the spirit of man and women.they make them disabled to do nearly anything in Life.
i am planning to get a break from job need a fresh 1 month which i am planning to stay in sout of my Country.
I need to feel free at first ..
Dx Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Self diagnosed Dissociative Disorder
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Re: Stopping Work

Postby jaus tail » Wed Feb 05, 2020 9:23 am

please don't do this. I did this a few times n regret my decisions. I know the decision brings relief but in the long run it will only make matters.

if possible ask your boss if you can withdraw your resignation. explain the situation to your boss. please don't leave the job and make the mistake that I made.

I quit 2 jobs n college only to realize I needed therapy. after therapy I felt better.
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Re: Stopping Work

Postby handsomejaack » Sat Feb 08, 2020 11:45 pm

i wish you the best
you will never feel free, being at the bottom of the totem pole you will always have those at the top trying to abuse and take credit for your hard work, i been there and am still there..im 46 and believe me changing location or jobs doesnt solve the problem, having a certain disorder will always make you think or even find things you dont like (even if they dont really exist), myself included when i run into these scenarios i have to remind myself or even put myself in check and say "is this really happening" "is this a figment of my disorder", realizing i have a disorder im able to bring myself back to reality.
yes the higher ups can and do abuse those lower than them, this isnt going to change because you switch jobs, you have to own your disorder, im not sure your age but the older i got the easier it is to own what i have and i even harness it as a tool i can use, my disorder isnt a curse its a tool, harness it.
put flashcards on the bathroom mirror so every morning you can remind yourself.
mine says "bipolar isnt a disorder its a tool..learn to harness it. and several other cards so i have to look at them every morning.
good luck man but own it, really own it and accept that the grass isnt greener, the change comes from you
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