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Sinking Ship

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Sinking Ship

Postby woowibbly » Tue Nov 12, 2019 5:22 am

I feel like my life is a sinking ship that started off with one hole and water started pouring in and then there became more holes and I can’t fix them anymore.
I am 30 and I have ptsd, EUPD clinical depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I lost my mum, I also may have coeliac and I don’t really have much going for me anymore

I’ve been trying to get help for my mental health since I was 16 and I’ve not really got anywhere just false promises of help, the only thing keeping me going are my pets and taking pain medication because I have severe pain in my knees and find it difficult to walk so I take them for the pain in my legs but find they help my mood too.

I had many hopes and dreams but I’ve never reached them and I just feel like I am waiting until the day I can leave this world because there’s not much left and I’ve made many mistakes which can’t be undone

I also got a 12 hour travel on a train coming up and I don’t even know if I can cope on my own and my partner won’t come with me so....
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Re: Sinking Ship

Postby HR_p » Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:08 pm

Hi, Woowibbly,

I am sorry you lost your Mum. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Everything changes, so hang in there.

Have you gone completely gluten-free to relieve yourself of at least the issues related to Coeliac Disease? At a minimum, the joint pain and some of the anxiety and waking at night (due to digestive issues) should resolve within a month or so.

If you do, indeed, have CD and have not received a diagnosis, you must continue to consume gluten to show many of the classic symptoms (positive full celiac panel, damaged villi seen via endoscopy), in order to obtain a correct diagnosis. If you have not been tested, can you request the bloodwork?

Also, you need to review the problems with certain medications that are prescribed for anxiety and depression to ensure you are not taking meds that Coeliac patients must avoid. They actually make things worse for those with upper intestine damage. https://celiac.org/about-the-foundation ... s-atrophy/

I wish you the best and know you can survive the train travel.
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