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Painfull Memories and Dissociation

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Painfull Memories and Dissociation

Postby bellic007 » Sat Aug 31, 2019 11:31 am

I am having this heavy Emotional pain and irritation for some days and feels like i want to stop everything and flee to my home.i dont feel safe anymore.i got flashbacks of some old adolescent memories of me sitting inside my upperflooe of the room and sad.about the whole life he got missed.I dont understanf why it is coming lile that but i am very much depressed about my life.Abput the Happinesses i missed,About losing my youth.The main trigger for that was when i started to get out of room today and get some fresh air and talked to peoples i feel like my old life us coming back.the Hospital and all loks so similat like i get the impression of sitting inside hospital in my childhood.I have this sad memories of my mother holding my head and i feel so sar because i miss her.if she was with me there would be no Fear nor anything.my mother was my everything and i was now living like a american personality and all who dont care sabput life and have no family ties.irresponzible of everything. i felt so mad..
Dx Body Dysmorphic Disorder
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