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Out-of-body experiences?

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Out-of-body experiences?

Postby mansnils » Thu Aug 22, 2019 4:56 pm

For many years I've suffered from a horrible mental health condition characterized by extreme fatigue, brain fog, dissociation, depression, numbness and strange physical symptoms. It feels as if I'm experiencing thoughts that don't actually belong in my mind. I know it's brought on by the physical distress I'm experiencing. I'm not schizophrenic because I know that these 'thoughts' don't actually take place in my mind. I'm sure these feelings will go away when my condition has been stabilised. Has somebody experienced something similar?
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Re: Out-of-body experiences?

Postby Taramafor » Wed Sep 04, 2019 3:33 am

Speaking from experience.

Those thoughts ARE taking place in your mind. There's no magic happening here. It feels like it's not your own because you're not trying to think about them. On a subconscious level however you know. For the sake of simplicity lets just call it "automatic thinking". You might not try to think about these things but you do. And you do for a reason. What the reasons are is something I can not answer with the limited information I have.

Try to pretend it's not in your mind and you're exposing yourself to more danger. Not wanting to take responsibility for the thoughts in YOUR head. Don't try to escape that one simple fact. Accept that you're thinking this. Reflection is a good thing when you can find reasons about what you're thinking. Focus not on why the thoughts are there but rather how to make sense of what is present. Logic. I'm aware your head feels like it might explode. I'm also aware that trying to avoid the thoughts makes it worse. Focus on each thought as it comes. Examine the situation. Ask questions to yourself. Find reasons. Then ask others so you're not being biased, if necessary.

Actually doing that is easier said then done. Personally I legit went insane at first. The thoughts in our heads isn't always something we can control. And we can get bombarded with bad thought after bad thought. But I found my answers eventually. And it's made me a better person. You fear being something. A dark twisted you perhaps. But if that's what you are then that's what you are. It doesn't have to be a bad thing. Less labels and more reasons. And more questions too. But about what you are thinking of. The thoughts themselves. It's very much in your own head. Can it make you insane? Yes. Can it however also avoid insanity? Also yes. When you stop being in denial and admit the situation is what it is. Along with any responsibility that may factor into any guilt you may feel. The rest comes down to confusion and finding answers.
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Re: Out-of-body experiences?

Postby Johnny-Jack » Thu Oct 10, 2019 2:07 am

There are so many possibilities. Are you seeing or have you considered seeing a therapist? Have you spoken with a medical doctor about this? If you've had this condition for many years, it seems unlikely to stabilize unless you address your options with some type of professional.

If you're having thoughts, they're in your mind. Why do you feel they don't belong there? I hope I'm not misreading your post.
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