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Feeling ok But Not Ok

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Feeling ok But Not Ok

Postby Brutusthecat » Sun Jun 16, 2019 1:43 am

Hello everyone. I suffer from bipolar type 11 and have recently been tapering off my anti depressants which is a huge yay for me personally. I’m writing as I’m doing on in the sense I have less suicidal thoughts and am being less impulsive and sticking to my routine, going to work. Sticking to a hygienic routine, exceeding regularly and watching what I eat for the most part ( it
Perfect). I’m writing though because while I am doing okay in this sense I’m not doing okay in the sense that my self judging and loathing has 100% ramped up. As I self improve my loathing for how little social activities exhaust me, how I can’t stop food impulses and how I can’t stand the way I let myself just go to bed early is bothering me. Anyone think I’m being too hard? Have advice? I’d like to start trying to do things and date and experience life but I feel I can’t right now and it sucks honestly so any advice is appreciative.
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