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Hate My Upstairs Neighbour, How Do I Cope With Life?

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Hate My Upstairs Neighbour, How Do I Cope With Life?

Postby Jonathan1990 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 12:11 am

The apartment I live in was originally set up for tenants with special needs but things changed last year when another company took over. In February 2018 this tennant move in above me and I've had nothing but problems with him ever since. I'd got into a routine playing music and knew to stop at 11pm which everyone had agreed with. This tennant now who doesn't have any special needs always bangs on the ceiling every time I play music. Nothing stops him from playing his hardstyle music all night and blasting his television out. Another tennant in the apartment who I'm friends with and went to the same school has had to start living with his mom again after my upstairs neighbor accused him of been a pedofile. To make matters worse he has this 6 year old daughter who comes every weekend and his mom's dog some weekends.

I get so angry with him and last November I got a breach of tenancy warning for trashing my apartment and writing graffiti on my bedroom wall which was abusive stuff about him and his daughter. Most extreme cases have led to where I've made his daughter cry by making monster noises at night while she's trying to sleep and where he smashed my door and the police have had to come quite a few times. I did wash the graffiti off since although one message I put telling him to go to hell is still visible. My apartment has also been repaired but my anger and frustration towards my upstairs neighbor won't go away. Tonight I yelled and cursed just because I felt like frightening his daughter and spooking the dog out. This was after he interfered with my music yesterday. Instead of fighting back now he comes to the door to have a chat about why I'm going crazy. I also can't sleep at night knowing he's in his bed above my bedroom feeling threatened by him.

I joined this forum hoping to get help and I just told you my full story on what is affecting my life causing me bad mental health. Soon I'm hoping to move and get away from this neighbour for good. With my condition this can only be done though social services. I've signed an application form with them but the housing company are still trying to look for a new home for me. Hope this place can help me with my problems.
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