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Imaginary pain - desperately need help

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Imaginary pain - desperately need help

Postby Shiva » Sat May 18, 2019 5:48 pm

Ok I'm not sure if I have opened this topic in the correct forum. Please move this if it is in the wrong place.

Alright so.. back in 2017, I developed this weird back ache which resulted as poor posture while sitting before PC. As time went, the pain became severe and I began to feel it all the time. Soon I began to feel a different kind of pain.. I felt numb, tingling sensation at random spots on my back. It lasted for over 4 months. I would feel it at random spots on my back. I began to do exercises but they didn't help. I even visited doc.. underwent diagnosis, scans.... The doctors said they don't find anything wrong with the reports and I was perfectly alright, physically. Over time I realized I only felt this pain only when I think about it. I mean, I used to wake up each morning feeling normal and eventually the thought of that back ache creeps in.. and voila, I began to feel weird tingling (or) ache (or) numbness at random spots on my back. It was not only on my back but sometime even at my shoulders. As time went, I joined a new job and eventually I forgot all about my pain. It was a miracle actually.. I went about a year and half (2017 - 2018) not thinking about it. And I was perfectly alright.

Ok now this past Feburary, I once had to do a lifting of some sort and it caused a mild back ache and I had a deja vu of my past. The thought of the back pain, numbness, tingling automatically creeped into my mind. And it's been like 3 months now and I couldn't get rid of the thought from my mind. The tingling, ache, numbness it's all back.. only when I think about it. I really find it hard to not think about it. I mean I used to wake up each morning perfectly alright and eventually the thought hits my mind.. I can't help it :( Whenever I'm completely engaged in something, I feel nothing and when my mind becomes free.. I automatically think about that pain and it occurs to me immediately.

Please help. Thank you
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Re: Imaginary pain - desperately need help

Postby Wally58 » Sun May 19, 2019 2:13 pm

I went through something like this a few years ago. I first went to a chiropractor thinking that I pulled a muscle? I felt good for about 20 minutes after the appointment, then the pain, numbness and tingling came back.
It was bad at work when they saw me limping and I stumbled in front of the boss once. It was affecting my breathing and bladder retention. I would look for a push cart to use as a walker when I had to walk any great distance.
I went to a spine and pain management center at the hospital. At every appointment, they would ask me to rate my pain on a scale of 1 to 10. I told them that it was about a nine to try and get them to do something about it. They told me that I was riddled with arthritis. I told them OK, but that I wasn't there for that.
Then they would ask me if I though that it might all be in head. I told them that I wouldn't be there if it wasn't real.
They enrolled me in physical therapy (PT) that caused inflammation and made the pain worse. A 10 hour work day, then 2 hours of workout left me exhausted. They gave me steroid shots, a back brace a TENS unit, Naproxen and muscle relaxants. Nothing really worked.
Then I went to a Neurologist who said, "I think I can help you'. I almost cried as nothing up to that point had worked.
He found a pinched nerve and I had the surgery (Lumbar Laminectomy) to make room for it. That night in the recovery room, I felt my toes for the first time in almost a year and the pain was gone.
I felt like a spring chicken after that and am still doing well for 61 years old.
Don't give up trying to get relief. The health insurance companies will try the cheapest things first, even when they know that it isn't the problem. Find a doctor who listens.
Best of luck to you. :D
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