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seeking help, don't know what to do, diagnosis??

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seeking help, don't know what to do, diagnosis??

Postby user03 » Fri May 03, 2019 2:09 am

im really at great odds and i really do not think i can manage myself for much longer, i was gonna start and say just if anyone relates to the timorous schizotypal, me and my psychologist agreed that the timorous schizotypal description matches me the most, however, we came across passive aggressive personality disorder, also called negativistic, which seemed to entail a lot of ways of functioning that i have, however, due to the extreme negative portrayal of what literally is described PAPD, i have told her, that it would be suicidal to say that i have that condition too, considering there aren't any medications for it and it's still unclear what i suffer from, yet along get prescribed medications and trying to get support or find other people i can relate to on schizoaffective disorder has been non existent so far, i might as well go kill myself either way because i suffer from extreme depression, anger, interpersonal instability, and god knows what, and not finding anyone else who is as vulnerable and lacking support and losing hope day by day gives me that intention to do so.

i've tried to ask questions here, i tried to go other forums to talk about all this, i went in person to mental health groups ( NAMI, DBSA, kaiser case management, and other ones ) for years which only worsened my conditions due to a variety of reasons, mostly from not relating to others and also because most of the people ( 95 - 99 percent ) were at least taking medications and doing better while i had to vulnerably deprecate more and more. just now, i even tried to create a account on the saneforums.org because i thought i could get more different answers and possible help or better understanding or answers from there as it relates to schizoaffective disorder or related, although i wanted to specifically find others who had schizoaffective disorder depressive type without hallucinations or delusions and / or were not taking medication or what could be a potential medicine to take hoping to be non psychiatric, i was then told that the service is not available in your country when i wanted to create an account, and in my head im thinking, really??..., does it really matter what country i'm in....., all i wanted to do is find another venue of support, sigh :roll:
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