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Happiness through enabling?

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Happiness through enabling?

Postby jasil » Fri Mar 15, 2019 11:54 pm

I couldn't figure out where to post this, so I will post it here. I am a Controls engineer and do well enough financially, have highschool/college children, a wife, and my struggle is WHAT IS THERE LEFT TO DO IN LIFE?

Raised kids check, traveled check, cars/houses check, retirement fund check, philanthropy check, Church check, Workout check, Eat right check, I could go on and on........I just don't have much I PERSONALLY LIKE TO DO ANYMORE. I feel like I've done it all!

My current biggest joy is 'ENABLING OTHER'S TO LIVE THEIR DREAMS' always wanted to go to Hawaii I'll pay (but don't want to go), always want to learn a language (I'll pay, but don't want to take), poverty in the Congo I want to volunteer for 4 weeks (I'll pay, but don't want to go) helping other's live out their dreams makes me happy, but I personally don't find much happiness in DOING ANYMORE.

My days are simple...wake up, routine, gym,1hr commute, work, 1hr commute, home, cook a meal, watch 1.5hrs of TV, research something non fiction, shower, and sleep, then repeat.

I feel like I've done everything already. My peers say, "Do what you have always wanted? Travel? Buy a Car, Motorcycle, whatever? Get to know your wife again?"

We have done all of that we never did without and always had date night..........my favorite thing in life was being a DAD raising kids (probably the crux of my emptiness) now with older/adult kids everything else seems meh in comparison.

Not too excited for the next 5,10,20,30 or however long I have left, but seeing people smile as they get to do things they never thought they could still brings me happiness.

Point of this post? Unsure, but felt good to write it :)
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Re: Happiness through enabling?

Postby RottenFish » Tue Mar 19, 2019 2:35 am

It appears a new challenge might bring you a greater purpose in life.

I know a man who suddenly became depressed at 30 because he felt his life was stagnant. He was wealthy, married, popular, and very good-looking. All the reasons to be happy.

He went to a therapist for advice. The therapist said he needed a vacation. You know what? The therapist's advice was completely wrong. The man went on a fancy vacation for an entire month. He came back, and fell back in the same boring routine.

What the man did was open a new business. The man did not need the money, but the challenge in owning a new business gave him the motivation to get out of bed. It suddenly lifted his mood and his depression was over.

You might need a new challenge to motivate you. New challenges always work for me.
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