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There is no self or individuality. Only emptiness.

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There is no self or individuality. Only emptiness.

Postby Eggman01 » Tue Feb 26, 2019 5:12 am

We are nothing but empty machines following our genetic programming and our environment programming. This is something that science and buddhism have proven to be true. We have no self. It is a lie. I tried so hard to find counter arguments to this but found none. It is the truth. We are nothing but soulless copycats that just copy what other biological machines do. We have no originality. We just copy. Originality is also a lie. We copy behaviors from our parents and friends. We do not originate. We are nothing.

This realization leaves me feeling nothing but hollow emptiness. I don't know how or why to bother continue existing in this world. I do not really exist. I'm a just a machine just like everyone else. I have been near emotionless for many years. The only time I feel something more than a slight ring of emotion is when I take Ambien at night to help me sleep. For some reason Ambien gives feelings back to me and it feels good but I can't abuse medicine that is meant to make me fall asleep.

Even if I had my feelings back it would not help me cope with the illusion of the self. I would still be a hollow machine following programming. And as for individuality, as I said nothing we do is original. We need other biological machines to survive. No man is an island. And so we conform to society and relationships and lose ourselves in them. We are basically a hive mind. We don't exist as individuals, we are components to a superorganism known as humanity.

I have been awakened to the reality of existence and now I just want to sleep. Sleep is the only time I am at peace and feel something
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Re: There is no self or individuality. Only emptiness.

Postby phoenix1 » Tue Feb 26, 2019 9:00 am

Welp I just typed a huge response and it got erased. LOL

I agree with you completely, and that's how I think daily. I'm not suicidal or even depressed I would say, I just don't feel much and don't care. Melancholy? I think I spelled that right.

It's 02:38 here, I barely sleep. I'm 27, most of my friends are getting married, kids, etc. I don't even date. People think I'm a lot of fun and I'm happier than ever, which is the ultimate joke. I feel like a total mess, but emotionally dead at the same time. The best way to put it is I don't want to be here, and I would have never elected to come. I resonate a lot with George Carlin (not so much on being an A hole) but more of a WTF is this place?

War, murder, poverty, disease, hunger, etc. I'm powerless to fix anything (I'm an engineer) and no one cares about anything but themselves, or money. In my mind we're not going to make it very long as a species. Videos of people doing absolutely ridiculous stuff gets 359 million views, a video showing even something semi educational gets 12.

I've learned that eventually people will screw you over. I rarely go out or talk, I eat alone, seeing as most people would rather stare at a phone than look you in the face anyways, let alone talk about anything remotely interesting.

It feels like I'm stuck in a nightmare honestly, one I can't stop or fix.

I sit at a desk for 9-10 hours a day, go to the gym or something, make some simple food, and go to bed, until I die? Don't get me wrong, on the outside I have a good life. Really good credit, finances, really close friends, I'm in pretty good shape, no legal trouble, I'm pretty well educated etc.

I guess to be blunt I'm not important, I don't want to be, I don't even want people to know I exist. It's just easier. I constantly mess things up and would prefer no one even knows I'm around. I don't have to entertain, constantly keep up. I can just do whatever I want with nothing attached. My rules are don't hurt anyone, or take anyone's stuff.

I think it's a fair way of living. I know there isn't a point to 'ok if I do this THEN I'll be happy' so I simply just coast by.

I'm sick of hearing people's BS all the time, me me me me, look at me, I'm great, look at this, etc. They talk about the weather, sports, etc. I eat alone 99% of the time, because most of the time they barely look up from a phone anyways.

I have no social media, hell I'm posting on this forum at almost 3 am.

To be blunt I just feel like a drone. Do this, not that, say this, not that, pay your bills, do your taxes, stay in the lines, then you die. I try not make life more difficult for people, because it's hard enough already in my mind.

I don't know anything anymore. Hell, I never knew anything to begin with, nearly everything is a lie.

I guess I like some things, cars, coffee, music, languages, traveling. I'd really like a girlfriend or wife someday, but feeling like a worthless POS doesn't really help. Like I'm not good enough or I won't provide or make them happy, then they leave and now I feel worse LOL. Not to mention the countless BS arguments about nothing that matters, it's just easier not to bring it on myself.

I guess the other thing I don't understand is that people get away with things, horrendous things, and there's no punishment. Abuse, violence etc. Blows my mind, because they're the same people that will preach about morality or how to run a relationship. Hypocrisy?

Yeah but anyways, I don't feel much. I feel dead LOL which I guess IS actually feeling something.

Life's not all bad, but I think you have to be absolutely delusional to think everything is great.

We separate ourselves by borders, race, religion, culture, language, politics, literally anything we can. I would argue because we're THAT stupid.

We spend $60k a second trying to more effectively annihilate one another, and no one gives a damn.

That's my rant for the day or week.

I feel nothing
I don't trust anyone or anything
I would prefer not to be here, but I'm not suicidal or depressed
People are mostly liars and thieves
Nearly everything is a lie
You have to be delusional to think everything is great and OK
I barely sleep and it's 3am.
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Re: There is no self or individuality. Only emptiness.

Postby RaciallyViolated » Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:17 pm

I felt the way you felt for a long amount of time. If this was not posted in Feb 2019 I would even really have thought I posted it from another account and forgot.

I find it a very interesting and not at all a nihilistic fact that we are not IN-divide-ual things. Think of yourself as individual with thoughts you experience and look at another person and see them as an individual that is not you, and then try to read their minds, and can't do it, then the self is real, obviously, but then the word "real" would be only used in that sense at that specific moment of time.

But if you've ever wondered what it's like to die, then you can imagine what it's like to slip in and out of individual perspectives of your point of observation from within a living container. divided into so many little selves, each self being a 3D copy of a sentient observer in one snapshot/moment in time, not being able to choose what it experiences itself as and other people as so many little selves that we are seemingly just lots of piles of sands thrown into the mix, then yes, the self is an illusion, BUT that view is still immature and not the full picture.

Humans CAN choose which selves to be in a rollercoaster of emotions and logical which we can find fun in struggling to go against. We even have the help of society to handicap us or empower us to a position where it suits ourselves most individually 'efficient' best in a way to be in a better direction in life. In this case let's just think in terms of direction than meaning.

I think every smart person who speaks the English language as their first would have come to your understanding of reality at one point or another because of the way science has to be 100% accurate logical way to prove something to scientists who have a general concept of logic and the difference between non-disprovable facts and disprovable facts. But, the good news is because science has become our dominant cultural belief and the language of science worldwide itself, it's speakers of high intelligence will invariably come to a certain set of understanding of the way the universe works which is quite boring and rigidly behaving, but good news is that the surface of what we can see with our eyes and our current 3-dimensional brains is not all there is. Our minds exist in 4 or more dimensions to include time, cause, effect, multiple universes containing multiple timelines and probable events within each influencing the next within an omniverse and possibly even probably already live inside an informational universe, not a physical one, which is holographic in an analogous sense meaning that we are cosmologically important to all the dead abyss around us just because there is an observer/agent.

Concepts exist in a very physical sense. Without the mathematical laws of reality it would behave in non-natural ways which would be completely incapable of preserving life.

There universe has a nature-like consciousness of itself through these laws and through us. In quantum physics, Buddhism, Taoism, New Age circles (not promoting anything, just saying they have a point) there are thought experiments and theories about something greater than life in the whole picture.

There is, and it's not intangible, it's right there in front of you. Emotions have the ability to preserve an object against entropy such as a person you love or speed up entropy to it such as a person you hate.

Technology is always improving and making things more fun and convenient to live, why not take advantage of that? There are even medications you can take, countries you could travel or move to which suit your beliefs and experiences by producing emotions you normally would not feel because you have worked up an extremely high tolerance to emotion you can't bring back down due to abuse or due to normal genetic mutation.

The point is just to be exactly whichever way you are or want to be at this very moment to the best of your ability in a way that aligns with your philosophy in life, so that you can better society, the human race, or preserve those things you'd hold valuable to you, even toilet paper. If there is no self that means AI and physics might progress to a point where we could create our own universes in the future and simulate you back from the dead to experience utopia, or something similar.

A too logical, analytical mind is not immune to emotional fallibility and intelligence. When you think there is no point in something and thus feel not the best you could, and therefore go through life with less than you could have gotten, then there is something wrong on the emotional side of things. Sometimes the emotional side of things are still there while you do not realize it at your current situation, but the brain is a very complex organ or organism which contains many memories you cannot immediately and fully access but once you regain control of it, gradually and steadily and get to get a hang of it, there's no telling how much better things can be that you've never thought you'd have missed out on had you thought nihilistically otherwise.
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