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Is it normal to plan your suicide?

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Is it normal to plan your suicide?

Postby allenfrank194 » Fri Oct 05, 2018 7:17 pm

Any mental health professionals on here to answer this???

I've battled with "depression" and low self esteem issues for most of my life (57).

I've never seriously considered suicide, but have planned how I would if I ever decided to or had to for health reasons (I wouldn't suffer and have my family go through hell if I was diagnosed to die in a short period of time with no hope of recovery.).

I recently had a client tell me that she is ok now, but she knows the dimensions of the railings on the GG Bridge and where one can get through, etc. She's obviously planned her suicide and I'm worried about her.

I get it that if one is thinking about it more and more then there is reason to worry, but otherwise is this normal?
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Re: Is it normal to plan your suicide?

Postby FrederickA » Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:03 pm

Hi AllenFrank
Preface: not a a mental health professional, just a random person with their own thoughts on the issue.

How one would go about killing oneself is an interesting question. I would guess that a certain level of curiosity could be considered normal; not everyone with more morbid interests should be considered in risk of imminent suicide or homicide. So, from a purely academic viewpoint, I would not consider the thought particularly concerning unless, as you put it, it is coupled with ideation. After all, numerous papers and books have been released on the subject, and it is an active field of research, and one would not assume that everyone in the field was abnormal right?
And if you consider yourself to have "never seriously considered suicide", well, you should be a better judge of that than anyone :). I would also assume that, once one reaches their twilight years, and the thought of imminent death begins to pop into the mind (as you put it, "if I was diagnosed to die in a short period of time with no hope of recovery"), such thoughts would only increase in frequency and intensity.
If you believe there is reason for alarm by all means do actively contact a professional, but as it stands I PERSONALLY would not consider your situation alarming. Hope this post has been of some use to you, and best of luck!
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Re: Is it normal to plan your suicide?

Postby quietgirl2538 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:11 pm

I think of people around me that I see everyday, I'd say I don't think it sounds normal to know that one of them is planning their suicide. That was my logic on that.

If you have never considered it, I'm just asking, why the interest in planning it?

I would be worried about your client too. Is there anything you can actually do like tell a loved one that she has said this? Is this possible?

Maybe if you just say, 'I'd do this or this if I ever committed suicide' then I'd say, this person is just thinking out loud but there's no harm in that. I seriously think, how their day to day life, and whether they are truly happy, helps to show that they are not in that frame of mind and that's it not necessarily normal, but it's just something they wonder about??? Just my 2c.
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