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Legal Name Change

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Legal Name Change

Postby naps » Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:22 pm

I've been thinking of changing my name. It's pretty cheap to do.

It would be a way to further distance myself from my past and family. I don't want to carry their name anymore.

I would be keeping my first name, but using a different form if it.

I ran this by a couple friends and they all thought it was a bad idea. It would be too complicated. It would cause confusion. There would be a million forms to fill out. It could endanger my disability benefits.

So what. I doubt it would affect my benefits. Of course not one of them considered it from a psychological/emotional point of view. I feel my name tethers me to a lot of bad memories, resentment, and anger. Just thinking about changing it makes me feel free from a lot of that.

Of course it would be a slightly weird name. Somewhere between a pro wrestler name and a punk rock name. Without disclosing too much, I could defeat the weirdness by simply using a different form of my first name, of which there are many.

I'm going to let the idea bounce around in my head for a while and see how I feel about it as time passes.

Has anybody here ever changed their name for similar reasons? For any reason?

Is there anything I should consider that I haven't mentioned?
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Re: Legal Name Change

Postby Autumn218 » Fri Sep 21, 2018 4:08 pm

I used to want to change my name too.
I hated it.
I think it was because i hated my family maybe and i didn't want anything to do with them
And their choice of name,or i hated myself.i don't know.
The name has an amazing meaning but as a name i didn't like it.
I feel it means something i want but i don't really feel.my first mame.
I would want to chamge my surnname that i hate.
Now it doesn't bother me that much anymore as it used to.
I don't like it but more apathy than annoyance.
But the paperwork i couldn't stand.
I don't want to deal with the process.
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