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ocd in RPG gaming?

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ocd in RPG gaming?

Postby ocdsucks96 » Tue May 29, 2018 5:21 pm

I love video games especially, rpg games. Lately Ive discovered anything that I like, my ocd will come and destroy it. Just like it did with rpg gaming. For example I cant play this kinda games, because I play this games to perfection. I tend to believe IM THE CHARACTER, so if I get a thoughts that doesn't go with the game, I tend to get an urge to restart it again, because something tells me that my character had the same kind of thought and that goes against his character and now I Have to restart everything again. I want to overcome this? I believe that thoughts dont equal reality but once I get a bad thought Is really difficult for me to not fall in the urge, that Is restarting the game. What Can I do?
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