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Learning problems

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Learning problems

Postby GastonG » Sun Apr 15, 2018 6:58 pm

I came here for some advice on learning issues that i noticed one girl (my classmate) at age 15 has got. The problem is that she is learning very much(maybe even too much) and is still worse than I'am even though I ain't learning at all. She's attending a whole bunch of tutorials after school but it doesn't help. She's also got crazy strict parents who in case of some bad grades are when she's lucky only yelling at her and taking away her phone and when she ain't lucky she gets beaten + what I mentioned before. She is drinking and smoking (probably because of that whole heat) which makes the situation only worse not only because of health problems connected to those activities but when her parents(I'm reminding you that they are strict as hell) only heard about that they (as you can probably predict) used physical violence on her. What I also have to mention is that she goes to school even when she's sick. In my opinion the problem is that she can't learn properly (most probably she is learning "parrot style" if you know what i mean by that).I want to help her so please tell me what can i do.
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