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Physics discussion, what about randomness as a source of all

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Physics discussion, what about randomness as a source of all

Postby TriggerTheStomatopod » Sun Aug 01, 2021 5:25 pm

I have a new theory (personally anyway).

I came to this topic through a book I intend to finish, Six Easy Pieces by Feynman. It's a science book basically but explained in an easy to understand way.

But it got my thinking right away, from the very start. From the very start they started explaining what the book was going to start with, I was asking questions.

See science still has a couple of assumptions, or hope anyway that the universe is in fact explainable using rational thought.

But that is where I immediately went another way. And I actually came out on a very simple conclusion, I actually think...

So there's this singularity problem for example when you start going back to the very very beginning of the universe. Basically the question "well then what was before thát?" is at some point no longer answerable.

But, I started thinking about something. Randomness.
And I concluded with the fact that right now I think that randomness is the only thing that can exist anywhere without anything else.
Nothing can except randomness.
Pure randomness.
It can't get more pure than that, the beginning of freakin' everything as a whole. And...

Because in fact I thought a requirement of randomness is that it doesn't get affected anymore by anything else. And I guess a singularity is the only thing that can match those circumstances, a single... point that's the beginning of everything basically.
Nothing else next to it in any form or dimension even.
That's the requirement. But that's probably also the only thing that would be left.

And I went as far as thinking it's the only possible beginning I could think of.
Now there are a couple of perspectives about what randomness really is.
And IMO it means that it can still provide structure, and for some parts perhaps a lot of predictability... within an actual random entirety.

So it cán end up as something like this, is what I thought.
Partly explainable.

But yeah I part with the idea that there would be so much structure that it is able to be described as a very basic formula.

Actually I think with also the lessons from nature itsself and life, that nothing exists without reason basically. Why would the universe be deducible to something even simpler? Wouldn't it already have been deduced that way anyway? Why would so much matter and stuff... be... unimportant in the bigger picture.

To what extent is every atom exáctly the same? That's already a weird thing to think about. Why would every single freakin' atom in the universe be exactly and I mean exactly the same as all the others. I could image that... for huge area's of the universe for example they are almost identical. And it only changes ever so slightly over huge huge huge area's basically. But yeah there's all kinds of stuff possible.

But I think if the universe would be able to be simplified to such an extend as to be understandable by a human being, why wouldn't it already be as simple as that? Why would there be so much more unimportant fluff around that.
I think it could be that if the universe could be simplified, it would already have been... simplified. And that we live in the most simplified version of the universe possible.
But that's already slightly past the point of this randomness source or beginning. It's the only thing I can think of, and humans have pretty complete notions of concepts...
Randomness is for example very hard to achieve in for example computers. But we know easily what we are talking about when talking about randomness. We can easily understand that concept, and that's why I think...
That's real natural intelligence that I think shouldn't be underestimated. And that it could be...
Well actually maybe calling something randomness would be a simplification as well.
Not sure about that one yet.
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