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Porn addicitin

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Porn addicitin

Postby Pmoaddict » Mon Jan 16, 2023 2:54 am

I am unable to have a healthy Distance from porn , even though I was able to follow a porn diet from time to time..my last time was 24 days without it.. but it was very frustrating that sometimes I start to envy porn users as they don't want to experiance the amount of discipline I want to practise.. as you know they just naturally accept their addicition.. but for me my mind js always conflicting and wi make me like think in extremes from time to time especially during a porn diet..
Whichs making me lose hope.. as I can't quit porn , I am literally unable to move away or get away from it ..but I can follow diets but the issue is the porn diet is more dangerous as each time my mind is trying to find extra pleasure from not watching porn for long time and then get the final release..
It's like my mind js totally taken up by porn..
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