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My experience with Internet and Technology Addicts Anonymous

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My experience with Internet and Technology Addicts Anonymous

Postby Techaddict66 » Sat Apr 09, 2022 2:13 pm

I'm 32 now and I've been an internet and computer  addict my whole life. Been trying to limit my use since I was 20 but failed a lot of times.

Previously I only talked about my compulsive internet use only with a few psychologist over the years. None of them were particularly helpful for my internet addiction.

I joined one of the internet addict anonymous online meetings out of desperation, not really expecting much out of it. I thought it had something to do with religion (I'm an atheist). It had nothing to do with religion in practice. god is only a concept, a higher power as YOU understand it.

It was probably my best decision of this year. I could find people going through similar problems than mine and the meeting was structured in a way to deal with the deeper emotional problems that are the cause of the addiction. It was way more helpful than reading. lots of valuable information but it's still a solo activity in the end.

Doing video calls with other people is very different activity than reading, or even following blogs about internet addiction to then jump to another website to keep reading.

My advice, try a few of their online meetings and see if they are helpful for you. They are free. I would have loved to do this 10 years ago. You can just join (there are many videocalls per day) with your camera off and only listen at first. try 2 or 3 meetings and you'll see if its benefitial for you or not.

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