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I restrict my internet use

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I restrict my internet use

Postby LizinTx » Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:50 pm

I'm not an internet addict but I am one. I am a recovering sex and love addict and I am addicted to using the internet for sex or you could say I'm addicted to internet sex.So I do have to restrict my internet use.

One thing I have a hard time with is youtube,listening to songs with sexually explicit lyrics sometimes temps me,I love the music.But right now I'm doing ok with it,I use youtube for meditation.

I use to be addicted to have sex and porn through Second Life.Its a virtual reality game you download to your computer.I use to after I got in the program use Second Life and only go to religious services there thought that would work.

Its too much of a temptation I quit Second Life. I do do religious stuff on the net, I have a religious debate group I go to.

I use face book a lot but only for my family and I do have a few nice male friends who are a part of my religious family I associate with but only on a public page.I don't allow men with 1 or 2 exceptions guys I know from my old UU church personally but if they're not my blood family I don't let guys chat with me.

If they send a friend request a male whos not related to me I block them and if they chat with me I block them. I have a lot of scam artists pretend they wanted to get involved with me on face book and even 1 Gigolo.

In general I don't go to dating web sights or single chat rooms to talk to men anymore. My internet is mostly for my family so we can all communicate when we need too.
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