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Postby CodeLyoko » Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:15 pm

Hello, I'm 16 and I'm in some different situations and I want to decide what to do.

My parents removed my computer years ago and cut down the Internet connection (I'm writing this with a limited Internet). But still I'm an addicted person and I still keep playing games from somewhere else rarely and I keep killing my time with watching videos / looking forums. This makes me stay away from lessons and when I try to find myself in front of the book, I get bored easily. I cannot play with computer so I'm also bad at video games. My grades are not that bad (total approx. %88) but I get this high average marks by my teachers boost. I get usually between 50-70 from exams but I have to be better 'cause it is not my best and I know I can do this better.

I think I'm a too bad and unsuccessful person. I sometimes think I only generate carbondioxide for plants and consume oxygen that people would use. My general knowlegde is also nothing. English is not my primary language and in our schools we have exams for it. I am almost the best one at this lesson but when I don't get 100/100, my classmates bully me (They don't know how to make a joke so I can count this as bullying.)

Now I want to learn the way how to make my life better.
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Postby NewSunRising » Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:48 pm

Welcome to the forum Codelyoko ,

The Internet can be very addicting . When someone takes it away from you it's different from when you choose not to use it . When you make the decision to limit your online time , it doesn't feel like a punishment - it feels like your own choice . That's a powerful feeling !

Internet use excites our brains . When our brains are over-excited all the time , everything else seems dull and boring . It takes a few weeks for the brain to slow back down and see regular things as fun and exciting .

Try an experiment . Stay off the internet for one week or maybe even two weeks . No internet or games at all . See how you feel , maybe even keep a journal like a scientific study of how you feel each day - I think you will be bored at first , but in a while other things will start to seem interesting again . You can always go online again afterwards - it's not forever . I think it would be cool to record the changes in your life as the over-excitement of the internet and games wears off . It would make a really good project for school too .

It's good that you can see the way the Internet is affecting your life . If you try the experiment , let us know how it goes !
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