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Artcle on Addiction to Validation Through Social Media

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Artcle on Addiction to Validation Through Social Media

Postby lonelydaydream » Sat Jan 06, 2018 2:00 am

I've found an interesting article on How to Break Your Addiction to Validation, with specific reference to social media: http://www.unstoppablerise.com/how-to-s ... alidation/

Even though it's from a website aimed at empowering young men, it's particularly pertinent to me even as a not-so-young woman, as seeking external validation is something I've pretty much always done, due to lack of confidence and lack of inner resources - it's a major feature of my social media addiction. It's not like I'm saying, "I'm wonderful! Notice me!" - it's more that I don't trust my feelings about my experiences & don't trust my gut instinct about what to do about stuff, so I ask other people's opinion. Not always sensible to ask the opinion of strangers on the Internet lol! My main problem is that I've spent far too much time on my own with little purpose in life. Since I refuse to believe that my purpose in life is to live it passively through a screen, I'm trying to take steps to solve this problem!

Btw, my attempts at moderating my use of social media are failing dismally - I'm clearly one of those people who have to completely abstain. Now I've got to explain that to uncomprehending friends and family. Not easy! :roll:

Anyway, I hope someone else might find the article interesting!
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