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How do I stop stalking?

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How do I stop stalking?

Postby StalkingIsBad » Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:42 pm

I've realized, that for the past 4 years of my life, I have known wayyy too much info about people that I am not supposed to know.

When I was as young as 9 years old, my favorite book was the school directory that listed everybody's phone number, email, and address. I read it for at least an hour every night, and the next day I would tell the kids in my school their address. I had a bad reputation of being known as a "creepy stalker", but that time I liked it, because I got a lot of attention and I don't normally get so much attention in school.

Obviously, I didn't know that being a stalker was not respected by society. So I stopped being ridiculous and telling people what I find out about them. My peers forgot about this and I had a reputation as a good person again. About 2 years later, I started stalking an entire family. That time I just started middle school. I used the directory to look up their home phone and address. Every day after school, I would follow the brother and sister in the family, and go to whatever classroom they were going into until they left and were nowhere to be found. This was very easy because the sister was in my grade and had her locker next to mine. So I could overhear her talking to her friends about what classroom she was going into for extra help. I sometimes made excuses to go into the room, including when I decided to speak to a teacher and throw my phone across the room, just to get the attention of one of the family members. Yes, I sound very very mad now. And that time I was only 11. I looked up their address and kept looking at their house on google maps. I even told my parents to drive by their house every day until they got suspicious. I looked up their phone number and cell phone provider, and I called their home phone every night. I even saved it as a contact. The I moved on to looking up the jobs of the parents in the family. I found out how much they got paid, and where their workplaces were. Eventually, after 3 months, I lost interest in them and moved on.

I was so close to being 2 months stalk-free until my baseball season ended. Then, I started stalking a particular kid on my team. He went to my school, and I followed him about once or twice before I stopped and actually became friends with this person.

So that doesn't really count as stalking. So back then, I was about 12 or 13 years old. I was really happy with myself for not stalking for 6 months. But then the streak ended when I went to debate camp. It was overnight, and although I learned a lot of debate and it had a big influence on my life, I found myself more interested in the people there. That is when 2 people there became the victims of my stalking. The first person was the victim while I was camp. This person was an instructor, and I kept an eye on this person for the entire camp. I looked this instructor up on social media, and I found a lot of info about this person, including a mental disorder this person had. But the instructor taught one of my electives and I eventually found out about this publicly without stalking. But this person did not go to my school and lives far away from me, so other than Facebook there was no alternative. And I also had bigger goals in life than stalking the instructor, so that went away once I left camp.

My second victim was being stalked by me after camp. This person was one of my friends during camp and I hung out with this person during camp, so I did not stalk at that time. After camp was over, we decided to keep in touch and text each other occasionally. The key word was occasionally. Since it was occasionally, I kept looking up this person online, and I found a lot of info. Then 2 weeks later, this person decided to message me. And then, I accidentally revealed that I knew too much info about this person. This person blocked me for being a "stalker" and not being the same person that was at debate camp. This is true that I know too much. I am only expected to know this person's hometown, phone number, and name. But I instead I know this person's address, names of family members, where this person was one week ago, and where this person's brother went to college.

This is going way too far, and how can I stop?
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