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stuck to have a girl to talk

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stuck to have a girl to talk

Postby theta » Mon Sep 26, 2016 3:13 pm

hi all, i am 25 from Asia, i have never had girlfriend, i had cursh on girls and talked to some of them for friendship but failed and quit trying. then i started searching for girls on internet and joined few social networks, and couldn't get anyone's attension or even if i get talk to someone its just for few messages and the urge of talking remains still. what i do (mostly) search the most gorgeous girls on the forum and send them a message to talk to them and hardly get reply.... i am not very much handsome mysleft so i can understand why i don't get response.

the real problem now is that i am stuck into this situation, i spend so much time searching for girls and sending the messages and waiting for replies... i am sick of this activity... my time rightnow is very presious, i have so many things to do but i am unable to concentrate on them.... i am computer science and currently doing some research so spend most of time on laptop... while studying, i just open a tab to check if i got anything and hour goes by like surfing the profiles....

i can't waste my time like this, please give me advice... how can i quit this behavior..
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Re: stuck to have a girl to talk

Postby NewSunRising » Tue Sep 27, 2016 2:36 pm

Hi Theta ,

Is there anywhere around where you can talk to girls in real life ? The Internet is such a risky place to meet people . A lot of those sites are full of scammers - men pretending to be women or bad people trying to get money from you .

I am a woman and let me tell you this : Beautiful women do not need to go on the internet to meet men .

There are better ways to meet girls . Get offline and get out in the world . Take an acting class or join a book club or be a volunteer for a non-profit organization- it's great for helping your confidence .

Gorgeous girls are nice to look at . Not-so-gorgeous girls are fun and kind and loving , and deserve a nice guy to care for them too . Don't waste your time on a fantasy photo while a good woman is out there waiting for you to meet her .
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