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Postby olliestutter86 » Thu Nov 14, 2019 11:39 pm

I have had insomnia now since I was 12 and am coming to a few conclusions. I rather think the creative brain may not help - I'm an author, poet and musician and just cannot switch off, ever, it seems. Ideas, thoughts, material; all swirling around and making it impossible to think of anything else or go to sleep until it's written down.
Also, my father's job. He was in rather a dangerous profession and I could never settle until he was home safe and sound. Hearing my mother pace up and down on the landing didn't help matters but the thought that I could wake up and him not be there was frightening. I still get that feeling now and then, even though he's long retired.
Lastly, the use of my phone/social media. I'm sure the blue light, the over-stimulation, the last check for emails and panic over work replies etc, makes it difficult to switch off my brain.
Does anyone else relate to any of these?
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