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Trazodone and priapism

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Trazodone and priapism

Postby AlphaIn » Thu Apr 25, 2019 9:08 pm

It's really a question for the guys on here. I'm wondering if anyone has had an issue with priapism on trazodone. I'm taking 35mg amitriptyline I can't go higher coz it causes me heart problems. I wake around 5 times a night. I also take 100mg gabapentin. I was moved onto amitriptyline because the 200mg trimipramine that gave me a good 6 hrs became too expensive. On my own I've tried adding 7mg trazodone to the amitriptyline and occasionally felt I've had a heaviness in my body after 4 hrs sleep. However, I've been feeling physical unwell and not sure if it is the combination or just exhaustion. I'm going back to just the amitriptyline. A Dr David Bell says amitriptyline stops people getting deep sleep. I'd like to stay on a little bit of amitriptyline because it helps with my foot, back and gut pain. I'm wondering if trazodone is the answer but like I say I'm terrified of priapism and I've been warned of by guys who have had this while taking trazodone.
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