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insomnia for almost 4 years,tried all,any help/support?

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insomnia for almost 4 years,tried all,any help/support?

Postby frozensun » Tue Feb 26, 2019 11:08 am

It all started back in april 2015 when I had stressful situtation at work and had panic attack.
They continued to bother me,and I was given antidepressants.Very soon I started to wake up around 2 a.m 3 a.m without any reason.
After a month or so I lost sleep,I couldn't fall asleep at all.I went to many psychiatrists here,I was given antidepressants (all SSRI) without any success at falling asleep.
I took escitalopram for 2 years because psychitrists tought that depression is the reason for my insomnia.There were no results at all.I had to quit job back in 2016 for more then a year and was given zyprexa (which worked like 6 months),mirtazapine (2 months) and then back on various benzos.
Back then only solution was to retire me,but in that case I would loose job and live with only 200 $ monthly here in Bosnia.
I'm a shiftworker for 7 years,rotating shifts,and problem started back in 2015.
After giving various meds for sleep,antipsychotics which knocked me out,there was contradictory situation that even when I was off work for more then a year I couldn't fall asleep.
So I had to take meds.Back last year in april I got suggestion that clonazepam could work and it knocked me out.But obviously taking clonazepam is not long term solution,so I went to neurologists and psychiatrist outside my country,no help at all.Giving them all those results on paper MR/CT of brain,EEG of brain,poligraphy all was OK but they couldn't find a possible cause of my insomnia.
Then I started to become very ill back at 2017,various infections,lung problems,heart problems,problems with gut,very unplesant headaches,so I sick-leave the job for 3 months.
In the mean time I visited 2 specialists for somnology,one gave me no solutions.After 2 months I visited a younger doctor who is specialist for somnology,and she gave me fluvoxamine as last possible solution for insomnia.
I took half of pill in the evening for like month and there was no result with falling asleep.
Talking with her she told me that there could be 3 possible causes for my insomnia:
1. probably genetics 2. stress 3. shiftwork
And if this med doesn't help she doesn't have any other solution for me.
I started to become upset because my health was in risk with all those infections,cold,and I even got allergy for no reason and paradontosis and serious lung problems which I never had.
I cried and still cry every day.All this time I am still taking 1 mg of clonazepam (prevoiusly only 3 mg could knock me down),and 10 mg of nitrazepam and that puts me to sleep for like 5 h.
I needed money so I had to go to work because obviously there was no solution going off-work because I couldn't sleep anyway.
After serious problems with lungs and insomnia they sent me to neurologist (the chief doctor here).
He told me,how can I help you Sir.THERE IS NO CURE.
You tried all the meds,went to many doctors I simply can not help you,you can even go to Alaska you won't find cure for your insomnia.
So that made me very sad.I started to have suicidal thoughts,and there was obviously one thing one my mind,there is no doctor who can help me I need to comit suicide I don't want to suffer in this agony.
2 somnologists suggested CBT basic one which I can only find here not for insomnia,so I went few times 5-6,but it's very hard for me to concentrate and respond to therapist with this insomnia so I quit.
I think I tried all the meds and only typical antipsychotics can knock me down,but my psychiatrist won't prescribe me because she told me I'm not psychotic.
I tried valerian,lavander,hypnosis,herbal pills,jogging,yoga,meditation you name it,no help.
Now I work in shifts and I don't feel as good as before after nighshifts,previously I could feel relativley ok after one night without sleep,but second night without sleep which is 48 h with no sleep and I feel very very sick over day.Then third night I can not fall asleep at all,which is very concerning if I don't take pills.
So I beg you guys,what can I try,to anymore,is there a way to escape from this hell?
Is the solution to travel to special hospital in Croatia for sleep disorder,or I don't know anymore if there is anything left for me to try?

I'm very concern about my health I'm affraid of serios lung problems,psychosis,brain damage,loss of immunity,and nervous breakdown (which I started to have).
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Re: insomnia for almost 4 years,tried all,any help/support?

Postby frozensun » Tue Feb 26, 2019 6:33 pm

I don't know,but one thing comes to my mind which sounds weird:
Could it be that maggot allergy is the cause of my insomnia?
I don't know how to properly translate, those are little micro organisms which live in bed,carpets,furniture,feed on dead skin.
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Re: insomnia for almost 4 years,tried all,any help/support?

Postby ChasingBD » Thu Jan 23, 2020 3:02 pm

Hello, frozensun. I hope you're still there and you're doing well.
I read your post a few times and I'm so fascinated by how you described your problem. Just wanted to check if you're okay and how you managed to find any solution to it. Thanks.
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