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Insomnia and stress, acute problem

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Insomnia and stress, acute problem

Postby theonlyredsmurf » Tue Oct 02, 2018 6:19 am

Well if you read my sig you can see what is going on. Bipolar and a few other issues.
I'm heavily medicated and 80% of the time i can get some semblance of sleep, but right now I'm under a lot of stress. normally when things get like this I can PRN my Seroquel from 300mg to 500 mg. but that hasn't helped and i'm now taking 600mg just to keep a lid on things. but i can't sleep
. I take my meds at around 10pm but I can't sleep, finally falling asleep between 6 and 8 am then getting 4-6hrs. My GP is holidays for a few weeks and I've only just managed to fernagle an emergency appointment with my shrink. it's set for 1030 am tomorrow and i'm paranoid I"ll miss it.

this is how things normally go before a catastrophic collapse of my mental health and a hospital admission.
does anyone else have experience with higher doses of Seroquel and sleep?
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