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Haven't been able to sleep right for over a decade....

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Haven't been able to sleep right for over a decade....

Postby FFTP » Sun Aug 19, 2018 10:05 am

I guess it's just one of those things, I am able to sleep the whole night if I just bomb out on like seroquel or whatever, but it sucks because then i'm all groggy or sleep the whole day away, it messes with my dreams and is generally more negative than positive, I may start trying some natural type stuff like herbs or whatever to see if maybe I can sleep at night without it effecting me with horrible side effects, if anyone has any ideas please by all means let me know! I'm new here, I figured maybe I could find someone I could relate to here.
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Re: Haven't been able to sleep right for over a decade....

Postby xSid » Mon Aug 20, 2018 7:41 am

I relate.

I have insomnia since as back as I remember myself (like 4-5 y.o.) and this never changed in all my life. If I take pills, I might get a good sleep, but the pills don't always work for me. Sometimes I just get too tired, sleep badly for a short while and then wake up and have all the signs of sleepiness except the actual sleep

Natural herb stuff, you mean like valeriana, or camomile, etc? They don't do absolutely nothing to me, no change whatsoever, it is like I tried to sleep without any help. But there are two things I have noticed:

- If I go to sleep very late, at like 5-6 in the morning, *sometimes*, not always, I might fall asleep. If nothing wakes me up, I can sleep like 5 hours straight and feel totally rested when I get up
- The summer I always sleep a bit better AND I feel a bit more sleepy at noon, esp if I eat lunch, or have a few beers. Many summer afternoons I can sleep a couple of hours and get up perfectly well rested

Both these are not a constant effect or anything, but I think my body might be more willing to sleep at daytime, and when I feel heat
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Re: Haven't been able to sleep right for over a decade....

Postby Lilly26 » Wed Sep 26, 2018 12:40 pm

While on bed , have you guys tried listening relaxation music, the very clam and slow ones I mean. Not the ones with natural, birds or sea sounds in the background.

Also, - not as stupid as it sounds- lullabies music - they have helped me a lot and they go long way! Although they're meant for toddlers, I find them very soothing and I fall sleep easier this way. I also suffer from lack of sleep, some time will feel fuzzy and tired all day due to not getting enough sleep.
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