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Listing things that I've done

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Listing things that I've done

Postby zimmy » Wed Jul 25, 2018 3:47 am

Hi all, super new. I'm writing an essay on sleeplessness and how it affected my life (super private sorry), but it made me revisit what I've done in the past few years and the success they've had.

I was a chronic insomniac for a long time. I slept about 7 hours a day as an infant, when I was supposed to be sleeping 16-20 hours. I never napped (well, I have now that I'm older). I had both types - not being able to go to sleep, and waking up at night, but it was mostly the former. I got 4-5 hours of sleep for many years. Now I get about 7.5-8.5 hours.

I'm pretty sure I read this forum in the middle of the night when I was sleepless in the past. Unfortunately, most of this isn't for those late nights, but more of a general change in your behavior. The best tip I can give you for tonight is that if you're up late on your phone to read this forum, it's probably an exception to what your normal nights are like, and you'll be able to sleep tomorrow night if you can suffer through the day. If you're usually up late on this forum, stop.

Here's a list of things I've done and the success they've had:

[*] Becoming an athlete/working out - extremely effective - If you start a sport, it's really hard to find the balance of enough tenacity to stay with something you like, even if it's hard, and being able to ditch something you don't like. I think I gave rowing (my sport) about a year, did it super casually, and saw sleep gains super quick. The first 6 months I gave it a kind of "Fit, I'll do it, whatever", and then the next six months I was in a boat that was fun enough for me to continue rowing. Then I got hooked on it 3 years later, now I love all things exercise 4 years later. I also love cycling and weightlifting.

[*] Waking up early - very effective - This is more of a discipline thing. I wake up earlyish to row right now - at 5:15AM. At one point I was waking up at 4:00AM to row. Go to bed 8-8.5 hours before you wake up - meaning now I go to bed at 8:45 (I'm 3 minutes late right now). Yes, at one point I went to bed at 7:30. If you have to suffer through a few nights to get up early, I think it's worth it. Though 99.9% of the reason I wake up early is to row. It's best if you have an obligation to go to something. You'll get there on time if you have to.

[*] Melatonin - very effective - I started 'micro-dosing' on melatonin around the same time I started rowing and that helped. I took between 0.5 and 3mg depending on how I felt. Phil Gaimon, a ("retired") pro cyclist, said Melatonin isn't actually a great sleep aid by itself, instead it gets your body used to going to bed at a certain time. I might have had a bad problem my internal clock so it's possible that melatonin helped me with that. I also sometimes go to bed when it's still light out so maybe melatonin helps with that.

[*] Antidepressents - very effective - These have had an extreme effect on my life, so I'm not going to count it out with sleep. I take welbutrin. I take them instead of ADD/ADHD medication like adderall/concerta.

[*] Blue light filter - very effective - on all electronics. They're super convenient to install nowadays.

[*] White noise - pretty darn effective - I have a dog that lives next to me, and barks all summer nights. Luckily, that's the same time I put my fans up.

[*] Dark sunglasses - effective - From here on out these will be 'marginal gains' that could probably make a measurable help in your sleep if you do a lot. Dark sunglasses, put them on about 3 hours before you go to bed and your body will naturally start producing melatonin and slowing down.

[*] Warm milk - probably effective - I never really measured if warm milk helps, but I hope it does.

[*] Camomile tea - probably effective

[*] Meditation - didn't work for me, maybe I didn't do it right.
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