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erratic sleeping patterns - middle of the night insomnia?

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erratic sleeping patterns - middle of the night insomnia?

Postby worriedfear » Wed Feb 28, 2018 6:06 am

Over the last few months now I've been experiencing on going night time symptoms where I'll wake up anywhere from 130am - 530am sometimes with this slight feeling that I needed to pee. However I don't always end up actually peeing. The times I have been to pee during these early mornings I can void around 400/500ml so not an excessive amount. Around 6am I can fall asleep again for another couple of hours. Sometimes though I won't go at all until the morning around 8am before work and other nights I have managed a decent sleep of around 6-7 hours. Some nights I'll wake up momentarily only to fall asleep but it's when I wake up around 330-5am and I'm wide awake as if I've slept 8 hours that bothers me. I've heard of something called middle of the night insomnia, is that anxiety related though?

I don't have any other symptoms apart from this slight need to pee (and as I said I don't end up peeing 50% of the time) but no nausea, I don't feel thirsty, never feel tired, or have any pain anywhere etc.

During the day time I've had mostly normal urination patterns/frequency.
These night time issues though are still bothering me a bit.
Also I had my prostate/PSA test and that's all normal, urine culture/test came back normal too. Personal blood sugar monitoring was normal too and as far as I know I'm not diabetic.

So it's these choppy sleeping patterns that are bothering me now more than anything, the fact that I'll be wide awake at these odd times after just a few hours sleep.
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