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Health scare

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Health scare

Postby Nick9912 » Sun Aug 09, 2020 9:23 pm

Good evening everyone I am sorry for the long paragraph but this is my first time on here: I am a 21yo male who has had pretty good health throughout his whole life (no serious issues whatsoever) but I have always had really high anxiety levels (especially in regards of health and illnesses) and a tendency to overthinking. Exactly a month ago what started as a itch on my thigh became a rash and then my corresponding lymph nodes started to hurt, now after a month and a half completed antibiotic treatment (I know I should have went all the way but I felt better and stopped taking them, silly me) the rash is still there (even though it reduced significantly) but my lymph nodes are still kind of hurting. I got my blood tested and my doctor did not find anything wrong with me but my brain immediately put me in front of the worst case scenario and, after a couple of google searches, I am now almost panicking because I am scared my body developed some sort of incurable illness. I booked another check up for tomorrow but I cannot seem to be able to calm down and im super worried about what is happening to me, anyone has any tips? I am very scared
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