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Brain Tumor Worries

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Brain Tumor Worries

Postby anz11 » Wed Jan 04, 2017 6:38 am

Hi right now I am freaking out worrying if I have a brain tumor because probably for the past 1-2 months the right side of the back of my head has felt sore and uncomfortable to rest on when I am trying to sleep or lay down. It is also mildly sore to the touch and I am so worried I am going to have a malignant brain tumor. I then googled brain tumor symptoms (bad idea, I know) and now I'm worried that I will have a seizure at any moment, because in my mind if I were to now suddenly have a seizure, that would "confirm" to me that I indeed have a brain tumor and am going to die from it. Basically my mind is making assumptions and associating a symptom such as a seizure with brain tumors. And having a seizure would ultimately "reveal" to me that I have a brain tumor and I will no longer be able to repress my brain tumor worries and will be forced to confront them as I am thrust into the unknown, that unknown being formally dealing with my brain tumor. So right now I feel uneasy because hypothetically at any moment I could potentially have a seizure, and that would begin the downward spiral of my life coming out of my control. Fortunately, I have an appointment with a doctor on Friday (for unrelated matters, though I figured while I'm there I can bring up this concern of mine and have it hopefully put to rest). I just feel so powerless, knowing that my body could hypothetically potentially "betray" me physically at any moment, ultimately compromising my skewed sense of physical and mental stability. Hopefully this makes a little sense... :|
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