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Advice from a sufferer who "beat" obsessive fear of diseases

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Advice from a sufferer who "beat" obsessive fear of diseases

Postby Miz_Know_It_All_1 » Wed Sep 21, 2016 8:05 pm

Hey Guys-
I hope this reply I sent to another member of this forum can help. Her symptoms are pretty much like those we all experience:

I had incidents like yours throughout my young life as have both my daughters :cry: . It just eats away at you and can feel like you life is ruined. And there is the isolating part bc you don't feel comfortable telling many people. I got major panic attacks with my health worries. And as soon as I finally was able to let go of a concern, another health worry would spring up. Always health obsessions. It often crossed my mind to end it all, it was so bad. Ruined my life at the time.

There is hope.

One thing that was of major importance in my process is that I was finally diagnosed with OCD (the obsessive worry, thinking, etc). I had been suffering for a number of years. They did not have SSRIs when I first had started having obsessive thoughts with panic attacks. When I started Lexapro, my life turned around. I could finally enjoy my life. I was in plenty of therapy but my first therapist missed it completely. It was not easy--lots of hard work, therapy, and trying a couple of meds. Of course I wish I did not have to take meds, but I do if I want a life worth living

No telling you what to do but life is short--I wish I had not suffered so those couple of years that got really bad.

What I have learned (and I bet you know underneath:) is the issue is not whether you have cancer--its the compulsive thinking. When you have the thoughts can you tell yourself something like the real issue is the compulsive thinking, not the disease. I have "had" several types of cancer, esp breast cancer, MS, and brain tumors. I have spent way too long looking at my skin for cancer, I have had mysterious diseases I have read about, lumps here and there, fear of HIV. I know about all kinds of diseases. Also thought I was going crazy.

An amazing statement hit me on a podcast....something like you can't fix your
problems with the same organ that causes your problems--the brain of course. You cannot think yourself out of these problems as much as there is that strong drive to do so.

I wish you the very best. Advice from someone who has lived a long life--get to a good cognitive behavioral therapy. I strongly suggest looking at meds-perhaps SSRIs. Looking back, I have no problem with meds bc my life was changes so drastically for the best.

Best to you!

-- Wed Sep 21, 2016 11:44 am --

PS-try your best not to go online looking at diseases. I know this is hard.

Miz Know It All
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