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skin cancer or delusion

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skin cancer or delusion

Postby kgk1994 » Tue Jun 07, 2016 9:57 pm

this is my first post. some backstory: ive been having episodes of hypochondria since i was 16/17, im 21 now. some have been much worse than others, long story short, this is the 5th time i think i might have cancer. although before, i was convinced, now i am only slightly annoyed that im having to deal with the thoughts again, im mostly posting this for personal reasons, just to put my thoughts out there i suppose; i know how ive blown things way out of proportion before, believe 100% i have the symptoms and that ''this time i really do!!'', and THIS time, i really do think i have a more valid reason for concern, yet im nowhere near as concerned, although i do have dermatologist appointment on saturday; ive had this mole on my stomach, i first noticed it summer 2014, it looked normal, not too small but definitely not big. that was also the last time i had been sunbathing. since then, it has gotten bigger over the years, it is an irregular shape, and slightly raised, id say it is mostly a light brown, but there is a darker bit, i dont know if the edges count as ''fading out''. i know ive been aware of it since 2 years ago, and due to my awareness of skin caner, surely if there had been any drastic changes, i wouldve noticed? the problem is i cannot recall the shape of it, it was definitely not a circle, but was it THIS irregular? although i know its normal for moles to change, i just dont like the sight of it. it looks like a cancerous shape to me; ive been getting laser hair removal, and the laser picked up on it, which made it firstly swell up, then shrivel up & darken, causing a dent; then eventually it turned back to how it was before; my concern now is that, i feel like it has become more risen, like there is a spot in the middle; i feel an internal ache/sensation & feel like it itches sometimes although i put that down to delusion, as it has happened before with another mole which turned out to be normal, despite the large diameter, white colour in the middle, and spots growing around or on it [i was too scared to even look at it properly so i couldnt exactly tell]; it also made me feel an internal ache; even now i have a bump on one of my moles, but im not concerned, as i know its normal, but i am biased towards the one on my stomach because it looks weird; the symptoms i DONT have are that it hasnt changed size rapidly, it doesnt have a sensation when i touch it, doesnt bleed, although it seems a bit darker in the middle, id say its fairly even-coloured, & it feels the same as my normal skin, i dont think it has changed colour or shape rapidly but im not sure; the little bump that appeared 2 days ago is what got me worried enough to book an appointment; i think this is all i have to say, thanks for reading
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