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Tired of living in fear

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Tired of living in fear

Postby june0604 » Fri Jun 03, 2016 4:53 am

I've recently realized that I am a hypochondriac though it's probably been affecting me for a while. It started to get really bad about a year ago. One day at work out of the blue I had a major panic attack and sat in the parking lot of the hospital er convincing myself that I wasn't having a heart attack. Then a few months later amid career and life changes, I was struck with fear that I had a blood clot due to dvt. I had driven four hours and had pain in my shin. I somehow create these issues, probably from googling something and I convinced myself there is something wrong with me and I'm going to die. For sme reason this fear of blood clots has stuck with me. Now 8 months later I find myself paralyzed with anxiety after a 5 hour flight (redeye) where I didn't walk around and only sat and pumped my legs for movement. I'm scared I have a blood clot and that I'm going to die even though I don't have symptoms. But because the internet says I'm at higher risk on birth control and sometimes there is no symptoms I'm convinced something is wrong with me. I freak out every time I feel a twinge or an ache in either of my legs. I feel this is complicated from being on my period and feeling even more out of wack. My heart races, my chest is tight and I feel sick. I'm embarrassed and fee I can't go to the doctor because they'll say I don't have symptoms. I'm tired of living in fear and want to go back to enjoying life. How do others cope?
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