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Mental illness hypochondria

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Mental illness hypochondria

Postby amscared » Tue May 24, 2016 2:27 pm

I have suffered from anxiety for the past 12 years I word that I had AIDS but I was gay but I've had cancer but I've had a brain tumor I now have the fear that I have schizophrenia I have been told by 9 different doctors since 2007 that I do not have it it went away for a little while and now it's come back I recently put myself in the hospital a year ago and they told me that I have OCD and anxiety disorder the only things I do this order to be correct I'm going to therapy right now and my doctor tells me that I'm so smart that I can make things happen or not make them happen but I make myself think that they're happening like hearing voices or thinking or somebody else in my head when I have these moments and gets so panicked that I almost threw up and I want to go to the hospital right away and get diagnosed I'm really hoping there's somebody out there that has the same thing and that can help please
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