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Is my mum a hypochondriac?

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Is my mum a hypochondriac?

Postby Eschenbach » Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:27 pm

It seems like every day that she is always complaining about some kind of illness, migraines, sickness, she constantly says a lot of the time that she might have cancer and that her mum died young because of cancer, I don't know if she does have it as the complaints often seem legitimate.

She has actually been diagnosed with "fibromyalgia", when she is touched too hard she complains that she is in so much pain, I think this is legitimate because other sufferers have this also, her pain is maximized.

I can remember that she has been to the doctor about many things, every day I see her, she says she's ill and also says she gets tired easily, "i'm tired" she whines, then takes more tablets. When her friend tells her of what she could have, she goes back to me and says "I think I have this.". She has actually been to the doctor about many things like cancer, she says she has a kidney infection, she has been about hernia, piles, she doesn't think she has HIV, but she has many complaints, and she says that she needs a life without stress as it really affects her.

She is very angry, sometimes I wonder if she's narcissistic as I have it. She also has said she has "incontinence", she wets herself.

Also, I would like to ask. Can you reason with a hypochondriac? Because if you were to talk to them about how they go to the doctors for many things and that it indicates a disorder, they would deny that she has hypochondria and gets angry. She says I'm putting her in her grave with all this stress, but she has not been diagnosed with cancer, she goes by what her mum died of at 50. Sometimes I think maybe she is just a whiner that needs to see sense, but now I think maybe she is kind of psychotically delusional, that despite reasoning with her, she couldn't see that she is not ill. Every day she complains about a migraine, or she says I was ill in bed the weekend. I think a lot of times she does say that she might have a serious illness, but then again I think many times she has been right about having something, not all though, the doctor did diagnose with fibromyalgia, maybe she has both.
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Re: Is my mum a hypochondriac?

Postby Akuma » Sat Feb 13, 2016 9:17 am

My mother had episodes of this, ugh very annoying.
In my opinion it doesnt have to be hypochondria but can also be a subform of histrionic disorder. So he central topic of histrionics, seeking attention, is here not in the form of looking good or sexual attractiveness etc but actually in how bad they feel or how ill they are.
In any event to answer your essential question, from my experience its hard to reason with them, because if you reason thats attention, if you ignore them theyll just keep finding more and more stuff. Imo this has to be attacked tangentially by a professional, finding out what makes them need these problems in the first place, root them out by the source so to speak. Of course they wont admit its psychologically tho so good luck lol.
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