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Postby Semis » Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:35 am

I have been worrying my absolute head off because of these tiny, pinprick red spots on my arms. They only appear on my arms and very little amount everywhere else. If you look at my arms, you wouldn't see them unless you really looked for them. I don't have them on my face. I don't have any of the purpura or anything else. Neither do I have any bruises or any bone pain. But thanks to the internet I fully convinced myself that I have cancer.

So I went to the doctor's and told him about these spots. I described it as I just did in the paragraph above and he said I'm worrying about nothing and if I have 4x amount as I do now, then I should come over again for another checkup. So after a 3 hour wait time I was told to p**s off. I am in my teens and I have an anxiety problem. Many young people died from leukaemia and it's very common with young people like me, and I have a life ahead of me I really don't want to throw away because of something that can't be cured.

I ask of 1 thing:
Please give me your opinions, I can't take any more of this :? :cry:
If you need any more details, do not hesitate to ask :idea:
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Re: Petechia?!

Postby obsess » Thu Jan 19, 2017 2:13 pm

*mod edit*

It [*mod edit- may be*] just tiny haemorrhages in the skin, that are not dangerous at all. Our skin flushes and gets red with heat/exercise/cold weather etc. The tiny blood vessels can break, and do break. Everyone has them. It's just some people's are more noticeable or numerous.

I have them on my legs from shaving (skin is sensitive and I developed what appears to be permanent petechiae from getting shaving rash over and over - I no longer shave). I also have some on my arms, even my forearms if I look really closely, so does my mother... very easy to see her's as she's pale. My partner has them all over the backs of his upper arms. He's more olive skinned but it's still noticeable.

It's associated with childhoood leukemia when it's all over the body and excessive usually. But even then, that doesn't mean someone has leukemia.
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