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New here-help?

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New here-help?

Postby winchester_tbh » Fri Nov 20, 2015 1:06 am

So I stumbled upon this forum when I was researching some stuff lately. But, a little back story, I went to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) for the Coast Guard on Monday, and was put on medical hold-I need a dermatologist consultation. Anyhow, it's for some symptoms that typically align with Neurofibromatosis Type 1. I have the following symptoms:

-six or more cafe au lait spots
-axillary freckles as well as some in my groin
-lipomas (fatty tumors-not like ones in NF pics)
-shorter than average height

Now, I have a paper from my doctor a couple of years back that says my lumps and cafe au lait spots are not like the ones he's seen in NF patients "at least to his experience." Which should relieve me, but he was a pediatric cardiologist. So he may not know? At MEPS they seemed pretty sure it was harmful. I talked to my mom and asked her about it, and she says she's always had doctors look at them and it's never came up as an issue, I just can't help but be terrified. It's the worst I've been over thinking I'm sick. Because it feels like I have the disease. I can't convince myself otherwise and it's destroying me in school and I can't sleep. It just hasn't been this bad before. Does anyone know a coping method? At least until my next MEPS date? Has anyone experienced this fear with NF? It's not only being medically disqualified that scares me, it's also the fact that the disease is an awful progression that scares the hell out of me. :|
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