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Worrying about alcohol withdrawals

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Worrying about alcohol withdrawals

Postby Dgrptr » Tue Sep 16, 2014 3:22 am

I am constantly worrying about having seizures related to drinking.

I drink on average 10-12 bud lights(4.2%) a night after work usually over a span of
4 hours. I have general anxiety disorder and I think most of it is based on
Hypochondria. Any little symptom I get I start to think the worst
And will research it for awhile which i know
Is stupid to do. I was just wondering what people think about my
Worry of going through severe alcohol withdrawals? I've heard
And seen this with the heavy hard alcohol all day drinkers and it worries me...
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Re: Worrying about alcohol withdrawals

Postby Anchorless » Mon Nov 16, 2015 1:46 am

ween yourself off...slowly but surely. be careful. realize, yes- in all likelihood: you will withdrawal if you try to stop completely after a few days. try it by week: 10-12, next 8-10, next 6-8, 4-6, 2-4, etc.
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Re: Worrying about alcohol withdrawals

Postby Ombree123 » Mon Dec 28, 2015 6:37 am

I've been through pretty bad drug withdrawals. I stopped multiple SSRIS cold turkey, I even went through benzo withdrawals, and now that I know how "bad" they can be, I'm ready to go through them again if needed.

Yes it will be bad, don't even be scared about it being a bad experience, IT WILL.

But is it worth worrying so much about that bad experience? No it isn't. Is it SO HORRIBLE that its justifiable feeling scared and in danger about it? Really, no its not. Its bad, you might feel very depressed and anxious, but its not as bad as you think.

Before starting that, warn yourself about the possible suicidial ideas or whatever that you might get, so that when it actually happens, its sooo much easier to know whats happening and remind yourself taht theres nothing to freak out about.
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Re: Worrying about alcohol withdrawals

Postby obsess » Thu Jan 19, 2017 1:23 pm

I drink all day sometimes, I average 3 bottles of scotch per week and am a 5'3 female. I drink half a 750ml bottle easily.

I haven't drank for a week. I don't feel anything except bored without it. Miss getting drunk at night. Plus my partner is interstate AND I went on a crash diet. Not the best idea but I did. My anxiety is high but it almost always is. I felt a bit shaky and sick yesterday but it was because I ate 700 calories and basically no carbohydrates and jogged for 3km.

So I don't think I'm having any obvious alcohol withdrawal. I just started eating stupidly which made me feel rubbish.
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