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Help! I am not sure what is happening to me

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Help! I am not sure what is happening to me

Postby Justasian14 » Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:19 am

So this past 2 weeks, i wake up and cannot remember any of my friends. I can remember who i am and who my family r. It seems to me that i cannot remember anyone i have met these past 3 years at the most. I am kind of freaking out because i do not want my mom worrying about me and so I need help on what i need to do. I have never been in a major accident but I have been falling of my bed in the middle of the night this past month since we moved to a new apartment. Another weird thing is that some of my repressed memories from a terrible event that happened during my childhood occasionally comes inside my head in fragments. Please help me.
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