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Financial hope - saved by a kind letter

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Financial hope - saved by a kind letter

Postby Astartes » Sun Feb 14, 2021 12:52 pm

My fiancée's grandfather just saved us.

We were late on rent this month
Our landlord was hounding us for the payment. She had just gotten paid Friday, but because of some bills we had set up automatic payments for, we were like $200 short of the payment. We were going to the bank to get a counter check hoping that.
1. We could get some cash advances to cover our ass (We've been using those apps like Dave, Earnin, etc. to help out when we're short on cash during this whole pandemic.)
2. Since Monday is a national holiday, and we were giving them the check on a Saturday, that the check wouldn't clear until Tuesday. Tuesday was the earliest the advances would be available to us, so we were really hoping that we could get those sent in before the landlord had the check go through.

My fiancée had sent a letter to her grandpa a couple weeks ago, just letting him know what was going on. Telling him that we were getting married (he hadn't been told we were engaged yet) talking about her work and art projects that she was working on. She included a picture of us, because I've never met him before and she wanted him to know what I looked like.

Well, while we were waiting for the Lyft ride to get to our building to take us to the bank, she decided to check the mail. She was really excited to get a letter from her grandpa (he lives almost on the other side of the country, they hadn't spoked in probably close to a year and she was very close with him growing up.) Didn't expect anything other than "Hey that sounds great! Look at the two of you, I hope you're happy together." etc. She opened the letter and we saw that it was a handwritten note, and then another slip of paper. Thought maybe it was him sending us a picture at first, given that we sent him one. Among other things in the letter, he said "I'm sending you a few bucks, spend it well." I'm assuming he was looking at it as a wedding gift or something like that.
It was a check for $1,000.
She almost burst into tears when she saw it.

He saved our asses. We've been really struggling the last few months, and this is an incredible windfall for us. She works full time, I've been unemployed but in training for a new job over the last two months. We have been living right at the ends of our finances for a while. We went to the bank deposited it, got our rent check to the landlord, and have more than enough money for bills, food, etc. until next payday. No worries at all. I was so concerned about how we were going to struggle through the next few weeks. This man singlehandedly lifted so much stress off of our shoulders. We didn't ask for it, but jeeze, did we need it. Thank you sir, I sincerely hope that you can make it to the wedding later this year. I need to meet you.

Just felt the need to share this story.
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