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Absent flags with a mushroom cloud confetti

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Absent flags with a mushroom cloud confetti

Postby Sam the man Leslie » Sun May 26, 2019 2:18 pm

“The road to demurral is paved with ingenuousness and not hardship.”

Where would we be if the likes of Alexandra 111 of Macedon had a hydrogen bomb?
Is mass cleansing more palatable than pogrom or does it leave a bitter aftertaste, because- we; our genus, are bred to negate likeness in that we share kith and kin and are volitionally bred into bondage to carry on this needles oblation of carrying the trend set out by our founding forefathers.

The ideologists of yesteryear believed they would be the cornerstone for a utopic future only for their plans to be besmirched by pugnacious recusancy AKA freedom fighters. This reluctance to carry trend is like a hundred people sitting at the same dinner table eating not the same dish but all cooked by one chef- leaving the dinner guests arguing about who gets fed first. As you can imagine that the cutlery on the dinning table was not solely used for eating their meal.

Our one and only planet is an oubliette, and freedom is above us in many ways. Some look to the skies asking for guidance and strength and others look to the skies wondering- who, what, where, when and why. But when these two sets of ideologies meet, somehow the hydrogen bomb was born and its guidance chip was given by which faith: scientology or the magnanimity of his own image whilst we coincide in consternation of a despot’s wet dream.

I’m going to quote two things from our history: “Those who God hath joined together let know man put asunder.” How does this relate to us? My understanding is that God hath joined us together by placing us upon this planet so don’t let our ideologies bring us apart.
2nd quote: “An over attachment to materialism will only lead to more suffering.” If we look at the word material and treat it in the same respect as memories/past endeavours then we can say that if we choose to carry on with past disputes then we will never recover, giving credence to pertaining a hydrogen bomb.

To have something in common will undoubtedly build bridges into unexplored regions. So ask yourself, what is it that we have in common without ever meeting to share stories of old. Not much you may say to yourself. Wrong. I was born on planet Earth, I’m part of the human race and I will succumb eventually by short of breath.
We have more in common than that is taught. But sadly by my 32 years of experience of our current society: my love for the human race is like a lighthouse in the desert. Maybe Julius Robert Oppenheimer felt the same way?

I’m now going to close this article with a postulation, a conclusion: let go of the things that cause you pain leading to misdirection of negating likeness. The arguments of yesteryear have no place in this day and age. Our fundamental vulnerability is that we all die and die from the same reason- short of breath. Make the most of this precious gift of consciousness and live your own life without trespassing on others. Most importantly: don’t give your one life to the cause of someone else’s disgruntlements for they are no longer with us and cannot benefit from your actions/allegiance.
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