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Online false allegations of drink spiking / sex assault

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Online false allegations of drink spiking / sex assault

Postby Victimised » Sat Oct 12, 2019 3:09 pm


I come to this forum as a NON seeking advice on how best to deal with this situation. I understand that HPD is a serious illness and I have genuine sympathy and respect for people affected by this condition. I need help and advice on how best to react (or not react) to very serious allegations made about me on social media. I

This Summer I went on a couple of dates with a girl that has done some glamour modelling and earns regular income through cam-girl work. Looking at how she conducts herself online, in real life and through our old messenger conversations (it appears clear now that she was lying about having broken up with her boyfriend) I believe it's very likely she has HPD as she is so sexual, always seeking attention and talks in a vague impressionistic manner. Lets caller her Z.

On the second date with Z we went to a nightclub and bumped into a girl she knows (an acquaintance not a friend) in a nightclub and this girl was doing some podium dancing. She was really good. As someone that works in nightclubs myself I told the girl that she was good and offered to try and get her work as a dancer at my work. That was that, and I carried on my night with Z, which ended with us sleeping together.

The next day Z messages me saying she had a nice time. Then a few hours later she messages saying that she's not really interested to date again and took issue with the fact I've not offered her any dancing work, whist also saying she didn't think the other girl was very good anyway. (I have no reason to think Z would be a good dancer, and she's also not slim anymore so would be rejected by management anyway). I responded saying I'm sorry she felt that way and to have a nice life.

A few weeks later she messages angry that I've unfollowed her on instagram and noting I've liked some of the other dancers photos on instagram. She said a few things in the hope of hurting me and provoking a response, but I rose above it and again wished her a nice life. That is the last direct contact I have had with her.

7 weeks later (last weekend) and she puts up a status on FB (hidden from me) saying she won't be attending the nightclub I work at again because they employ me and accuses me of spiking drinks, sexual assault and planning on doing it again. A day later the status is deleted. It's clear she wanted to turn the dancer girl against me, sink my reputation and get me sacked from my employment in revenge for me offering to try get this girl some dancing work without making the same offer to Z. She clearly perceives that I am more attracted to the dancer than her and I must be punished for this.

I have seen a screenshot of the status and the dancer girl had commented making it clear that they have had a private conversation about me. With the help of a mutual friend, the dancer girl has now been put straight that I would never do anything like what I m accused of. The dancer girl forwarded me a screenshot of messages from Z claiming that I sexually assaulted her and that she has attempted to take her own life as recently as last week.

My employers at the nightclub were alerted to the status before it was deleted, and have assured me they do not believe a word of it but are wary of the potential PR disaster. No one else has been in touch with me about this, so it appears that the rumours have not spread far, however I now live in daily fear that she may try this again, or that she could even make a false allegation to the police. I

I feel I have 2 options at this point.

Option 1) Get a solicitor to send a letter to Z making her aware that I know about her smear campaign, advising her that she is breaking the law with slander / libel and requesting she send a signed retraction or risk facing a lawsuit. This way I have a paper trail of denial should anything further occur in the future.

However, this could result in provoking her to make more false allegations on Social Media and to the police, eventually some people will believe what they hear from her which will be highly damaging to me and stressful for my friends and family. She may be hoping for a reaction in which case this option plays into her hands, or she may have just wanted to get revenge on me behind my back and be shocked when a legal letter comes, I'm not sure.

Option 2) Do nothing. Be thankful my reputation is still currently sound and hope that the issue has passed and that by not giving a girl with suspected HPD any further attention she moves on. But of course if anything more did happen, people may ask why I didn't take legal action sooner. And I'd always feel like she got away with it. I'd never feel secure that she wouldn't try it again one day.

What would you guys suggest would be her reaction to receiving a legal letter as detailed in option 1? I can see genuine potential pitfalls to both options but factoring in that she likely has HPD might make one option more logical than another?

Thanks for your time and advice.
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