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Heather Mills - HPD

Postby guesthpd » Sat Mar 31, 2007 7:13 pm

I had no opinion about her and Paul McCartney but then I read this which her ex-sister in law (who she used to live with) wrote about her. Its truely amazing how this order manifests itself in the same behaviour triaits over and over again.


Dianna Karmal, the sister of Heather Mills's former husband Alfie, is bravely coming forth to reveal the truth about her ex-sister-in-law, whom she characterizes as a low-class, mendacious attention-junkie with a propensity to leave chaos in her wake. Mills, according to Karmal, is nothing but a manipulative charlatan, who used her brother Alfie to climb the social ladder, then abandoned him once he was no longer useful. Here's what Karmal says about Mills' current incarnation, and about the influence of her brother on the former whore:

She's trying to be a cross between Mother Teresa and Princess Diana, but that's not the Heather I know. ... When my brother Alfie married her in 1989 he changed her from an overweight, bleached blonde into what you see today. He paid for her boob job, a nose job and liposuction all over her body. ... He taught her how to dress. He was besotted with her and made her what she is, but what he created - in my opinion - was a Frankenstein's monster.

A Frankenstein's monster who, reportedly, once ###$ rich Arab men for money, and went out with a Lebanese billionaire at the same time she was trying to rope in poor Alfie.

Also included amongst Dianna's recollections of Heather are tales of Mills's horrific temper, which led her to physically assault Alfie. And this is the same woman who claimed she was a victim of Paul McCartney's abuse for years but never struck back? Dianna claims Heather is a "liar and a fantasist" - and was threatened with legal action by Mills's lawyers if she didn't shut her mouth. But Dianna hasn't clammed up. She is bent on exposing the truth behind Mills's phony image - and that includes taking fierce animal-rights activist Mills to task for her insistence that a fur-coat she was once photographed wearing was donned in honor of her mother, and meant nothing to her personally. Says Dianna:

She loved that mink coat. ... Heather claimed on her website that she only wore the coat in memory of her mother who'd just died, but Beatrice Mills died in February 1989 and the wedding was in September 1989. When I pointed this out to her lawyers by e-mail, Heather's explanation suddenly disappeared from her website.

And there are more stories of Heather's younger days - like when she was 16 and working as a cocktail waitress at a nightclub. Dianna recalls:

Heather was very coquettish with men, but with women she was extremely stand-offish. ... She used to wear a tiny beige leather mini skirt and a small top which barely covered her breasts. She would even wear her club clothes to walk down the street. ... She loved male attention. Once, for Valentine's Day, she and her flatmate shaved their pubic hair in the shape of a heart and dyed it bright red. That night they were walking round the club showing people. I couldn't believe my eyes.

And Heather's slutty taste didn't improve right away after meeting Alfie. In fact, the first time Alfie took her home to meet his staunchly conservative parents, Heather's clothing choices made for quite a scene. Says Dianna:

Our mother is very traditional, and yet Heather turned up in a mini-skirt, high heels, her breasts spilling out of her crop top and scarf tied as a huge bow in her hair. ... My mother took one look at her and said to Alfie in Greek: "What have you brought round to my house?" Alfie was furious and replied in Greek: "You watch me. I'm going to turn her into the biggest model and I'm going to manage her." To which my mother said: "Good luck."

Poor Alfie had been roped in by Heather's charms. But because Alfie was still going through a divorce, Heather was not able to move in with him - so she had to live with Dianna and her husband for six months. Recalls Dianna:

She turned up with two black bin-liners full of clothes and she didn't have a single daytime outfit in them. They were all nightclub clothes. ... She used to wake up late and then wander round in a dressing gown doing nothing. She could devour a whole box of cereal with a pint of milk and a whole box of biscuits would disappear with a cup of tea. She'd given up the nightclub because Alfie didn't like her working there, so her whole day was nothing but grooming, grooming, grooming. ... Her life revolved around tanning sessions, waxing, going to the gym, doing her hair and painting her nails. I never once saw her pick up a book to read or listen to music. She got a few jobs, but they never lasted. She did a couple of weeks in a sunbed centre, then a bit of cleaning. ... I used to invite her out now and again with me and my friends, but after one incident when she regaled them with tales about how she had her first orgasm in a swimming pool they begged me not to invite her again.

And Heather showed her tendency to invent lies about herself as well. Says Dianna:

One Sunday lunch at my parents' home she was talking about all these A-levels she passed and how she managed a restaurant and I said: "Heather you are only 18, how can you have done all this?" She jumped down my throat. ... She has a terrible temper when you challenge her, but I kept on asking her which college she went to, which subjects her A-levels were in and she just couldn't answer. That's because she left school with no qualifications.

Yes, Heather was a pathological liar and an ignoramus - but this didn't stop her from making a good living. With Alfie's help she launched a modelling career, but her "modelling" soon led her into other activities, like posing for a German sex manual, and more things that remained a secret even to her husband. Says Dianna of Heather's shady activities:

I would sometimes go shopping with Heather at Brent Cross and her handbag would be stuffed with thousands of pounds in cash. She'd tell me it was from some modelling assignment, but reputable agencies don't pay in cash. ... I thought she must have some rich boyfriend, but I didn't know the half of it.

Indeed, Heather did have a boyfriend, and he was rich. His name was George Kazan and he was an Arab businessman. He financed Heather's high-flying lifestyle. Yet Alfie was so smitten with Heather that he refused to see the truth. And Heather helped keep him in the dark by concocting lies. Dianna remembers one occasion when Heather bent the truth, and the otherwise-gullible Alfie found out about it:

Once she was meant to be meeting Alfie after work, but was late because she'd met up with some friends for a drink instead. ... She came out with some elaborate story about how her car had been clamped and towed away, but when Alfie checked with the company he discovered she'd made it all up. ... When confronted with the truth she would fly off the handle and run away, simply disappear for a few days. Alfie would going out of his mind with worry and be so relieved when she returned that he'd let the matter drop.

And that became the pattern of their relationship - Heather lied and acted like a bitch, Alfie forgave her. Once, Alfie decided to surprise Heather at the airport as she was returning from a "modelling" gig, and rather than be grateful and happy Heather snapped at her love-sick beau, screaming, "Just ###$ off, I don't want to to talk to you ever again, just ###$ off." But despite these episodes, Alfie was always ready to let her off the hook. This came in handy for Heather when Kazan finally broke off their relationship, leaving her without a sugar-daddy. Suddenly broke and homeless, Heather ran back to Alfie, and began pursuing him with gusto. Says Dianna:

She kept turning up at his offices with expensive gifts and one day she presented him with a gold wedding band and asked him to marry her. He refused, unless she agreed to have counselling for her compulsive lying. ... Alfie went to see the psychiatrist who explained that because of her abused childhood, he should make allowances for her behaviour. So he did, probably too many. When they announced their marriage everyone gave them 18 months at most.

Right from the beginning, Dianna knew the marriage was a sham. She says:

I'll never forget Alfie standing up at the wedding and making this speech about how much he loved Heather and how he was the luckiest man in the world and she just sat there smirking. I don't believe she ever really loved him. ... Not long after the wedding I witnessed a horrible row at my house over something trivial Alfie had said. She flew at him and tried to hit him round the head. He blocked the blows with his arms and was pleading "please Heather, not in front of Dianna", but she didn't care who saw. ... It wasn't long before Alfie stopped coming to see the family. ... I saw him cry many times during their relationship, but I never once saw Heather cry.

Knowing what a manipulative, lying, scheming monster Heather Mills is has caused Dianna Karmal to sympathize with another of the one-legged beasts's victims, Paul McCartney. Says Dianna:

I feel sorry for Paul McCartney. He was vulnerable after his wife Linda's death and Heather must have seemed the perfect replacement, but she is a chameleon.

Indeed. And now Heather, thanks to Dancing With the Stars, is transforming herself again, into a sympathetic media darling. Not everyone is fooled.
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