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Breathe: breathe in the air

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Breathe: breathe in the air

Postby Sam the man Leslie » Mon Feb 05, 2018 2:53 pm

You are familiar to me: as all people are.
Unaccommadated, poor, barefoot creatures such as we all are.
We're but scraps of paper, filled with numbers and characters: pages of history.

But, what defines ourselves to be creatures, is to uncontrollably: feel; alive.
So why are we alive, i ask you.
The answer is: it's circular. We exist to continue our existence!
What is the point, you ask yourself.
The answer to that is: to feel.
To feel: is as vital as breath. and without it, without love, without anger, without sorrow: breath is just a clock ticking.

For those of, who we've never met; will, in time, read eulogies, accolades, trials and tribulations about us. But for those of.., close enough to touch, will undoubtably; scar themselves onto our very hearts: therefore, i'd rather live in the hearts of those precious few than be known by many through generous amounts of ink and parchment.
For the hearts i have scarred myself upon, caused them to feel: feel alive, feel worthy to have existed.
And for those honours sake apropos for the departed: we keep, eternally safe, that once scarred heart resting in God's garden. And with all those memories of jocose times and equally, those lamentable ones: have a second nature/purpose. To feel: a sense of jocundity as a formidable force of reconciliation during our self-loathing periods, giving us incitation into the meaning of: to exist, is to feel emotion, otherwise; breath is just a clock ticking.
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Re: Breathe: breathe in the air

Postby realityhere » Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:36 am

Lovely prose, thanks.
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